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    Come together to cheer - it is our special virtual home's 14th birthday!

    It is always exciting to celebrate an occasion of someone's achievement and with someone close to us. ISC is no less a "someone". This lovely e-platform has been our home for many, many years for a good number of members and, as you know, we celebrate ISC's birthday with great enthusiasm in July each year (though it was set up in the month of April as once informed by Tony Sir).

    So let us take joy as ISC steps into yet another year and convey our best wishes to the entire family, not forgetting to express our gratitude to Timmy Sir for his brilliant idea to launch this portal; to Tony Sir for his indefatigable support; and let's not forget Jose Sir, too, who was with the site's development in the early years. There were wonderful editors and support staff, too, who guided us along our paths. Let us recall them with respect and affection and thank them for their mentoring.

    Requesting our alumni to return home, too. Come on...bury the hatchet, and let go of grudges if a spat took you to the exit door. Turn around and return to continue your association with us and this wonderful site.

    A big Thank You to each and every one of you members, past and present, for all that you've done in making this site a success! Collectively, we move forward, keeping our strong bonds of affinity and camaraderie intact.

    [Some exciting awards and reward programs are on their way!]
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    On this fourteenth birthday of ISC , I feel elated and feel very happy that I am being associated with this channel for the past 12 years. It has been a wonderful time with the ISC as I was not having many freinds nor I have any other hobbies and spending daily two to three hours sharing my knowledge and ideas was the wonderful experience as I was getting awards and rewards and also recognition in many ways. My typing speed has been on increase, my computer connect was more. In these twelve years I come across more senior members who are still with us and proving their mantle.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    A big thanks to Vandana for sharing this thread and putting up all those nice words.

    Yes, a birthday is indeed a great occasion to celebrate, especially when you are too young and also when you start getting old :-) ISC has turned 14 years today, so I would say we are still young and deserve a celebration.

    I would like to thank all of our members on this occasion for making ISC what it is today. We have miles to go and I am sure you all will be with us.

    Once again, Happy Birthday to ISC family, which includes each one of you!!

    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    Congratulations on your years of service for more than a decade!

    Astonishing ISC Founder, Executives, Office bearers, members, and readers,

    On your career milestone, I appreciate the part you play in maintaining the performance standards and commitment to excellence.

    I know that achievement and success aren't by accident. Breakthroughs come after spending what seem like hours of hard work and trying new ideas.

    Excellence in Service, Innovation, and People Who Care are your beliefs and principles. Years of service represent the time you've dedicated to assisting people to acquire knowledge and academic information. It's also a way of honoring your contribution to the company's success. Your abilities and efforts have already aided people in achieving greatness in a number of areas other than academics, as well as in sports, travel, health, etc.

    I used to associate the number 14 with the Ramayana. Now, ISC also comes to mind as you reach your 14th year!

    Allow the 14th year to be a historic triumph for you!

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    Indiastudychannel completed 14 years and entered into its 15th year. It is very nice to see somebody close to us getting into their teens and progressing very fast in their endeavours. It gives us an excellent feeling when we see our close people grow beautifully. ISC is growing well and the webmasters are nurturing their baby very carefully with all love and affection. They are well supported by the able administration and other stakeholders. A big congratulations to all those who are responsible for this excellent growth. I hope the year ahead will be an excellent year with all the best things happening. I hope ISC will reach new heights this year and attract more and more members.
    When more members are there, some differences of opinion will be there and some may feel bitter. But that is all in the game. One should not take them to their heart and see that the family will grow with all the members intact. Once again I wish all the best to ISC. Well done all. Continue doing it.

    always confident

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    A Very Happy Birthday to ISC and it's my pleasure to be a member of this wonderful platform. Everybody in the ISC family is playing their role and that's why it's going stronger day by day. While there are elders and guardians in every family, ISC is also having the same in the form of Web Masters, ME, section editors and the entire editorial team. It's a large family rooted at a place but settled at different locations. Through the support of everyone, the road becomes smoother and the ride becomes really enjoyable.

    My thanks to everyone for making the ride joyous. Let's look ahead and move together with the same spirit and conviction.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Wish you a very big Happy Birthday to ISC and its team. I wish ISC is always be shining like a star of the digital world. The first platform provides me lots of knowledge and helps me connect with great authors and experienced persons. I have never found any platform like ISC and sure will not because there is no comparison of ISC with any other sites. With the wishes of all teams, ISC always grows with all its sister sites. I like to thank the entire ISC team to provide a portal where we can earn with learning.

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    A very Happy Birthday, ISC! It has been my pleasure and pride to be part of this wonderful online portal. I enjoy being here not just because I am able to share my ideas and thoughts but also because of the camaraderie that is shared between each of the members of this virtual family. I thank our Webmasters and all the members for this association and wish this site all the very best! Let us, together, strive to take IndiaStudyChannel to a more glorious era.
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    Having completed 14 years of establishment, this site has proven that given the collective cooperation and inclusive performance from the members, the site can further develop leap and bounds. But ISC is also highly indebted to honor those members who have been in consistency, sharing their views and thoughts and also with the site for more than 10 years. I would be more happy if a citation certificate were given to those members who are with the ups and downs of this site and yet proved they are indispensable from the site. Hope Webmaster Tony would understand this to further have good relations among the senior members.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is a privilege to be with the working organizations on some special occasions one such opportunity is ours i.e., the birthday of ISC.

    Happy birthday India Study Channel.

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    Fourteen years is a long time and it undoubtedly shows the strength of this portal that it has sustained so long and going stronger day by day. This is the relentless hard work of the management team, editors, and contributions by the members that it has reached to this glorious spot today. I congratulate all the persons associted with this portal and hope that the members will be contributing in their best of ways in the different sections of this portal so that the traffic to them increases day by day and we all are benefitted by it. There are some members who have potential to contribute in many other sections also in addition to the ones where they are already contributing and I wish and hope that they will consider in contributing in as many sections as possible to enrich the site with relevant information and knowledge pieces. So let us make this site the number one in the educational and knowledge sharing arena. All the best.
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    Glad to know that ISC has completed fourteen years and is celebrating its birthday. Credit goes to the different editorial team members taking immense interest in its up gradation apart from sustained effort of the webmaster in making the this platform successful.
    We would not forget the contributions of the members taking sustained interest in the enrichment of this platform. Hope ISC would maintain its consistency even in the times ahead.
    I wish all the best on the occasion of its birthday.

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    Congratulations and compliments to ISC and all those who were responsible for its birth, all those who weer fostering and nurturing it all these years.

    Birthdays are occasions to celebrate and to nostalgically visit the earlier younger days, via memory or memorabilia. As ISC is an extended part of daily routine for most of ISC members, it is natural that it is a nostalgia and a travel back to ISC's back years (and so our own association with ISC in previous years too).

    That serves as a sort of feedback and source of inspiration, lessons to learn and changes or reforms to bring.
    I like to dig into the archive just as I dig into my photo albums to see what was there earlier.
    Thus I searched for archived web pages of ISWC. The earliest I could find is that was captured on13 th March 2007.I am copying the list of members as on that date. The order is Name, date joined and time.

    Registered Members:
    Timmy M.John-8/16/2006 7:06:48 PM
    tony john8/17/2006 8:29:10 AM
    timmy2/26/2007 10:57:33 PM
    timmy2/26/2007 11:01:18 PM
    kite2/28/2007 3:57:54 AM
    Tony M John3/3/2007 11:09:13 AM
    Noby Abraham3/4/2007 10:00:51 AM

    There were 410 members then.
    The sections available then were only Colleges, Courses and Universities. The contact id was:

    There was no archived page available for July Ist 2007, but only for July 2nd 2007. From that we know that two members joined on July 1st 2007. (1). Santha who last logged in on 30-04-2010 (2).Anooj- whose activity is not now available in the archives.

    There was a section named 'Make money" -"Make money during your free time or vacation" !On clicking same and going for details we get the following details:-

    Quote " provides an opportunity for students to make some pocket money through Google AdSense program.
    Post your previous years university question papers of any degree/professional course in India (year 2005 onwards).
    Question paper must be posted in full, exactly as given in the printed question paper (without answers).
    We will not accept the same question paper from more than one person. So, before posting a question paper, make sure the question paper is not posted already" Unquote

    There was 'Freshers Corner"
    The Lobby welcomed us :" "Welcome to the Lobby!
    Sit, relax and watch what others are doing..."". Members sincerely recorded what they were doing.

    In 2008 June, there was an 'ISC Birthday slogan - Cash prize 250 rupees for best one"

    Following is the 'birth certificate' of ISC as vouched by Tony John:

    Quote from his statement "......ISC went live to internet on 1 March 2007. However, we have been telling so far that we were launched in July 2007 since that is the time we implemented many of the current features. Until then we were simply having some basic features, even though we had about 400 members already joined by July 2007.

    I am bit confused what date should we use as the official Birth date of ISC. Ideally, we should say it is 1 March, but we have been telling the world so far that it is 1 July since that is the time we really became serious about this site :-)" unquote

    My best wishes to ISC to celebrate many many more birthdays in as many coming years.

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    14 years of existence! It has sure been a long and eventful journey for ISC. Over the years the site has seen many new members sharing the limelight. Luckily for us, a few such members are associated with the site since its formative years. It is from them that we the somewhat new members are able to connect with ISC's past. On this happy and glorious occasion, my good wishes to the Webmasters, ME, editors and every member of ISC family. May the ISC family continue to prosper and reach newer heights.
    Patience and perseverance pays

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    Wishing ISC a very Happy 14th Birthday. I learned a lot from being associated with ISC for so long. I thank and congratulate all those associated with ISC who lovingly created and nurtured this educational portal. I hope that ISC will continue to grow like this in the future and touch new dimensions.

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    I wish ISC "Many happy returns of the day". ISC is great on this earth. I stand erect and salute the Web Brothers Tony John, Jose Mathew and Timmy who created this site. ISC is part of my life where I spend 1/4 of the day to gain knowledge. Happy birthday ISC.
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    Many many wonderful prosperous return of this birthday of ISC! Happy birthday to ISC. May the audience brings you to a new heights of achievement. I remember Jose Mathews sir was the then webmaster. Along with ISC, certain persons are also need to congratulates like Mathew sir, Tony sir, Bandana Madam, Ravi shankar, etc. Without their continuous efforts and contributions it was not possible to stand the ISC in such a position. Again congratulation to all past and present members of the channel for their support.
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    Congratulations for your prosperity and well-being! Thank you for your work!

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    Happy Birthday to ISC. I feel happy to be a member of this site, and I enjoy every bit of my participation. Hoping in the coming years, ISC will reach greater heights. Once again, my best wishes to the site and its team.

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    Happy Birthday to ISC. I wish we all will celebrate this day like this every year. I also congratulate the ISC founder members, webmaster and managing editor and other editors for their efforts and support. ISC has given us a platform where we learn, share and earn as well. I am happy to be a part of this amazing site. Congratulations once again. I wish we also touch every milestone of success with ISC in the coming year.

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    Happy 14th Birthday to ISC!
    14th years of existence in the virtual world is a great thing and I am proud to be a member of this family. I will be completing 7 years with this family on 31st July this year and during this period I enjoyed every moment here.
    Wish you live a long ISC, keep growing, and keep teaching us.


    Living & Learning- simultaneous processes!

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