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    Why film makers are not worried about Censor cuts ?

    Be it any language Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada or Malayalam, scores of films are made within months in fast phase having wide dose of action, violence, sex and double meaning dialogue having lots of influence on the mass and the followers. Invariably the directors and producers are concentrating on the content filling of the film but not giving credence to Censor objections and later asking for the cuts of scenes. Why the film makers are moving away from the ambit of censor rules and impose more rude scenes subject to cuts later ?
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    The filmmakers also will be knowing about the various objections that may be raised by the censor and they may also try to shoot the film in such a way that there will not be major cuts. Nobody wants to have too many cuts.
    While making the writer, director and producer may think about various possible objections and how to counter those objections may also be deliberated among themselves. Once they think they can convince the censor board only they may keep those dialogues, actions or scenes. When the censor board view the movie and raise objections, these people who made the film will try to explain to them why that is there and what is the importance of that. The board members may get convinced or otherwise, they may cut it. So the filmmakers may take a chance. Sometimes the board may accept also. It all depends on the importance of the scene and how the board members will be convinced?

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