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    Our covishield becoming more popular as 7 EU nations approved it

    When there were apprehensions about the efficacy and the guarantee of the vaccines being manufactured and distributed among the Indian public and other countries as a goodwill gesture on Covishield, here is the good news as 7 European countries wants these vaccines on urgent basis and thus the Serum Institute is now beaming with confidence that its vaccine has International approval and most sought after. But Indians also need the same vaccines as hardly India vaccinated 30 crores so far and more 100 crores population need to be vaccinated fast.
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    Though Covishield is manufactured in our country by Serum Institute of India the vaccine was developed jointly by Oxford University and AstraZeneca which is often called Oxford–AstraZeneca vaccine. This vaccine already got international approval and administered in many countries all over the world.

    I think due to the gap in demand and supply there is a lot of delays to vaccinate people. More vaccines are approved now and it is hoped that this shortage will reduce at the earliest.


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    But the covishiled proved to be better than covaxin and thus more demand.
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    Covishield is manufactured by Serum Institute in Pune. As far as my knowledge go Serum Institute is a part and associated with AstraZeneca in the development of this vaccine. Initially, many people thought that Covishield is not very effective. But now this vaccine is accepted by all and it is available more in the country also. Price also is less when compared to other vaccines.
    It is very nice to know that 8 EU countries accepted this vaccine and placing orders for the purchase of the same. Covaxcin is also getting export orders. Thus India is gaining popularity all over the world as a major force in controlling the COVID.
    The vaccination process in India is also going fast track. Almost 80 lakhs to 90 lakhs people are getting vaccinated daily. It may further improve with the introduction of other vaccines also. Anyhow it is very good to know that our Indian Product is receiving attention from many countries across the globe.

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    I do not know that the comparison between both vaccines would be fair or not but I think this time vaccination is most important. As far as Coveshield is concerned it used more in our country but its main reason is not their quality but due to the availability of the vaccine. Still, it is believed by many countries that Coveshield is quite effective on viruses. Hope that both vaccines plays an effective impact on the virus.

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