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    If you decide to become a shade, make sure those who stand below do not get hot.

    Goodness in small things is shinier than small goodness in big things. Each action should be evaluated, taking into account the ability of those who do it. One has done what he can do in a situation, and do not blame him for the fluctuations in that act.
    Do not measure the person who gave ten rupees even though they can pay 100 rupees and the one who gave two rupees when he can only pay one rupee with the same gauge. If everyone had done all they could for their brothers or companions, no one on earth would have been lonely or broken.

    Seeing a savior role raises some expectations in every helpless person. Every savior has a responsibility to stand with that hope to the end. Protection is a good deed, not only to be done when we convenient, but it is a mission to continue uncompromisingly amid inconveniences. If it can't, don't wear the role of a savior. No one does not have to go to schools or training centers to learn the lessons of morality and common decency. Just look at the surroundings with your eyes wide open.
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    When you are hungry a normal meal also will make you happy and it will taste very good. But when you are not hungry you may not even like a meal with many special dishes.
    Comparing the help done by an individual with somebody else who is in no way comparable to him is not correct. A millionaire giving Rs.100/- to a poor man is not great. But a poor man donating Rs.10/- to the needy is more valuable. What is my capacity and how much I did is more meaningful than what I did.
    If you call a person for a meal with you, you should see that he will have a satisfactory meal. Calling a person for a meal and not seeing properly is not correct. I agree with the author that we should take care of the persons who are looking at us if we have the ability to do that. Accepting to take care and not seeing them properly is not a correct trait.

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    One more good thread from the author, but what he tried to mean it must be understood in the true contest. Like those who try to reach us through their good deeds, should take undue advantage of their helping and expose our weakness of seeking helping from them. In fact the left hand should not know what the right hand is doing and that implies that the donor should not reveal what has been done to the seeker and no one need know. Normally big donors would not reveal at all their way of working and reaching out to others but small time and new donors would like to advertise their reach out.
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    There are some manners which others would not teach you but you have to decide yourself how the situation can be tackled. We have seen many donors donating lakhs of rupees for the treatment of a child suffering from leukaemia for the best treatment of the child without disclosing the amount of donation to the public. Of course, it is a noble charity when the donation is being made to save the child and still a great charity on the part of the donors.However, all are not equal in respect of donations. Some may donate hardly donate and may make huge publicity.

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