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    Do you know where exactly things are kept...those evanescent moments

    In a home or office, there are places - on tables, in drawers, on open shelves, in cabinets, in a cupboard, and so on - where we keep specific things so that when we require them, we can head to its niche spot and find it...or not! Yes, there are times when we get frustrated that at the exact time we really, really need something, in some mysterious way it is not at its designated spot. We'll hunt here, there, everywhere, shout in exasperation at where it has vanished, and generally get on everyone's nerves. Maybe we have an evanescent moment when we recall that we ourselves had shifted it elsewhere, but where exactly? Or perhaps we do locate it eventually at some other spot altogether, and demand to know who shifted it there, or we simply give up on the search and make-do with some alternative option.

    Let's consider an example. In the drawer where a stapler is kept, next to it ideally there should be a box of staple pins. You use the stapler, it clicks on the paper on empty air, you quickly reach into the drawer to bring out the box of staple where did that box go?!

    Have you experienced such evanescent moments?

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    The author has well connected the tow topic with wonderful writie up on things that we used to keep the at home and office at the known places so that we can get the same in time when searched.
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    It happens so often and the author has described it very nicely in this post. These are the momentary occasions as usually we get the things soon as they are misplaced some where nearby only. I have seen people searching for their spectacle while it is just there on their head! In every household everyday people experience these moments of temporary embarrassment.
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    It is very common happening in many houses. Generally, this will not happen in the kitchen. There everything will be in place as only the housewife will be using them and she will keep them back in their original position and hence there is no necessity for searching anything there. But in other rooms very often it happens. When there are more people these things happen very frequently. Today morning also we searched for a long time for an item and we could not trace it and bought a new one.
    A good submission for the TOW contest.

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    Dr Rao mentioned that things in the kitchen are returned to their places after being used. Let's consider one related aspect of this - how many of you who don't participate in the chores of the kitchen really know where everything is? Suppose the lady of the house who generally does those chores, is out of town. Will the other family members, both male and female, easily locate things? Certain things like rice, dal, sugar, salt, etc have their fixed locations. What happens, though, if that gets over? Others in the family should be aware of where the extra is stored, otherwise, they will end up needlessly buying it. Same with things like an extra light bulb or candles - do you know where the extras are stored? Or you know but just can't recall?

    So evanescent moments may occur with both recalls as well as objects themselves vanishing from designated spots.

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    An offside- To be frank, I had to look up Google for the meaning of the word put up for the TOW! ISC truly lives up to its logo, continuing to be a learning platform, and not only an earning one.
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    It's true that those evanescent moments give us some trouble at times. The other day I was searching for some documents and looked in the place where I usually keep them. It was quite frustrating when those documents were not there though I found them later at another place. Luckily I began the search earlier so found the documents within the specific time. It becomes even more annoying when you need the things immediately but unable to find them at their desired location.

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    It happens in our life daily that we place any item or thing at any place and we forget and when the same thing is required some days later, we find it hard to find it. It is not a weird kind of thing related to us. However, It is a good habit if every member of the family places an item on its place after using it.

    What I have observed is that we forget the things which are not important in our eyes but we never forget the place where some important documents are lying, we also don't forget important phone numbers and dates etc.
    Rober Lynd wrote an interesting essay- Forgetting in which he highlighted this common habit of people. Mostly we never forget players' names, phone numbers, vile food somewhere eaten etc but we forget to take medicines on time or post the letter or our umbrella or other items while travelling etc.
    Some people are so much sharp-minded that once you tell them a phone number they will never forget. One relative of mine is of this sort. She is amazing in this regard. Neither she saves phone numbers in her phone nor writes down any phone number on any diary and she can tell the phone number of any relative.

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    We often change the places of the items very frequently and if we are in the habit of doing so, there are chances of getting the same traceless. This may be anything nail polish to stapler and once it is stored somewhere, it will take enough time to get the same back. If both the couples living in the house have the fixed locations to keep the articles, they could avoid this embarrassing situation. A little precaution could save our precious time which otherwise could multiply the problems.

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    @Rao,#735884;@Vandana#735891; I am a person who helps the lady of the house in her kitchen chores.(I have mentioned it frankly in many earlier contexts too).
    But it so happens that once in a while she changes the regular arrangement and keeps things at different places. So when my hand goes to a place by habit to pick a regular item, it may not be there. Then search, and at last she is called and she picks it straight. Somehow it did not come to my view.

    This usually happens to things kept inside fridge like coriander leaves, pudina, curry leaves,ghee, butter, green chillies etc.One day the change was so unannounced that I poured Idly batter into my coffee cup instead of milk. The rest is left to your imagination.

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    This is a very truth-based thing, often we forget to keep the things that we need in our normal daily life here and when we need them, either we get upset or buy them from the market immediately or due to urgent work. And after the work time is over, many times the same salmon is also found. I have an advantage in my family that my father is very strict in this matter and keeps every encounter at a fixed place, that is why there is no chaos in his daily work. When I need something urgently, I take it from my father's room and keep it in the same place habitually because my father should meet him at a certain place, be it scissors or a nail cutter. Well, it is a good habit when we keep things properly organized then we can save both our time and energy, I am also learning this art from my father but it will take time for me to master it.

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