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    Instead of counting covid cases and deaths now is the time to forget past

    The world has gone through the enough challenges in the past 18 months and the pain, agony, losing the near and dear ones cannot be forgotten nor bring changes. But by keeping on having tab on daily cases and deaths, we are probably being reminded of bad happenings and that should be avoided henceforth The damage has been done and the lives were lost, now it is the time to move to new life and new adjustments for everyone across the world. Next time do not inquire about the past with anyone and allow them to lead new life new hope.
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    - Slowly, the oxygen gas cylinder is getting empty and the doctor informs the attendant that after ten minutes oxygen gas will be exhausted and there is no more oxygen gas cylinder available in our hospital.
    - The patient is lying on the road with an oxygen gas cylinder and his relatives are crying for a bad in a hospital and staff is saying that there is no bad and after a few hours the patient died on the road.
    - A patient is being carried on a cart because no ambulance was available. The patient needs oxygen as he is not able to breathe. His relatives are pleading with hospital staff to treat him but there is no place to adjust him in hospital.

    - Hundreds of dead bodies were found floating in the river or buried along the bank of the Ganga.

    Such horrible scenes we witnessed but how long we should cry over these deaths. I agree with the author that we should see for future. However, we should have full sympathy with those families that experienced such horrible incidents and they should be compensated as per the suggestions of the Supreme Court.

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    By worrying about past we are not going to restore the same, so move on.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A positive and enthralling thought raised by the author. Forgetting past is the only way to get rid of the bad memories. But there is a catch here. The virus has not been tamed so far. The threat is still looming out there waiting for the opportune moment to strike back and wipe out the humanity. Can we ignore that apprehension. No. So carefulness and caution is the name of the game now and we have to fight with an invisible enemy who is very powerful in the conducive environments. History is replete with such instances when we were defeated just because we took the enemy lightly.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Nice suggestion from the author. My father is 88 years old. He is having the habit of watching the news on DD. When the cases and deaths due to COVID are mentioned in the news he is getting upset. Every day after the news he started discussing these deaths and getting worried more and more. Then I told him not to watch the news. I asked him to watch SVBC or Bakthi channel. Now he is not discussing these issues. But he will ask how is the situation? I tell him the deaths and new cases are decreasing. Now he is not worried much. Slowly he may stop asking about these figures.
    Really we all faced a tough situation and many people died due to fear and anxiety. The number is more than the deaths that happened due to COVID. So as mentioned by the author we all should not worry about the past and we should start our normal routines but we should not forget the protocols of COVID. We should follow all those protocols without fail.

    always confident

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