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    Alcohol as a skin care item. Will that be acceptable ?

    Various ways and means are tried to keep the skin toned and there is no second thought for spending on good looks. Though lotions, creams and age-defying formulations are used to keep the skin well-toned, the latest is the use of alcohol on the skin to give it the right tone. Do you think that the use of alcohol would be accepted by the Indian women who are averse to its smell and does not like it for obvious reasons?

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    Alcohol makes the skin dry so I am not very sure whether it will be helpful for the skin. Now the question is how the alcohol is going to be used for skincare. If it's in the form of an alcohol-based product then there will be no problem because a product that contains alcohol does not smell like only alcohol. Many of the deodorants we use contain alcohol and girls and women use them regularly. Homoeopathic medicines contain alcohol and I have not heard anybody making a fuss about it or refusing to take the medicines since they contain alcohol. Are you not using the hand sanitiser that contains about 60% alcohol? Now if you are talking about applying rubbing alcohol (spirit) directly on the skin it will depend only on the choice of an individual.

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    Keeping skin soft and fresh is very important. For that these days, we see my synthetic creams and lotions. But many of them are not good in the long run. Once in a while, they are OK. But regularly using them is not advisable.
    These days we are getting many sanitisers because of the fear of COVID. Alcohol is a part of these sanitisers. They all contain some of the other alcohols for easy evaporation. Ladies also using these items. They never stopped using them.
    If alcohol is useful as a Skincare item why there would be an objection? Why even ladies also should have objections? These days ladies also using alcohol-based items for various purposes. So they will also use this alcohol for skincare if it gives good results. All alcohols are not useful for drinking and some alcohols will create problems. This should be printed on the bottles they sell for skincare.

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    I have also heard that some wines are beneficial for the skin and help to heal the skin which also helps to decrease the aging effects on the skin, whatever the reason but I think women who do not like to have it or don't even want ever think to touch alcohol will never use it, not even for healthy skins. It is also suggested by people that egg is also good for hair and skin but here also many girls who worried about their skin and hair but do not even think about to have egg or apply it on hairs, same thinking with alcohol.

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    I did not read such a report. If the author is able to give a link or source of the news I can read the details.
    But alcohol is a good solvent and because of this property, it is used in many preparations. It is also to some extent a good sanitizer. Alcohol was earlier used in science labs for the spirit lamp. Alcohol has a huge industrial use.
    Manufacturing and distribution of alcohol is controlled and monitored by the government.
    As per chemical composition, there are many 'members' in the 'alcohol family' in Chemistry. The one-Ethyl alcohol or Ethanol is the one used as liquor. Other alcohols are dangerous to the humans. and can cause blindness and even death.
    As industry has vast use of alcohol, including Ethanol, some colouring agents are added to easily identify it as industrial alcohol and prevent people using it for liquor. Some other chemicals are also added to cause nauseating or unwelcome smell too. This is called denatured alcohol. Still sometimes we hear liquor tragedies occurring due to spurious liquor where the non-consumable alcohol is mixed and sold.

    Plain alcohol is not at all a skin moisturiser. Instead they make the sin dry.It is a local cleanser and a mild antiseptic. That is why it was/is used in clinics and for cleaning skin before injection. After the spread of Covid pandemic, alcohol based hand sanitisers are popular. However the alcohol is not ethanol, but mostly isopropyl alcohol. Some such sanitisers also have moisturisers and smoothening agents in them to prevent skin dryness.
    Most of the Ayurvedic 'arishta' have self generated alcohol in them due to the fermenting of the ingredients like jaggery used in them. Women also use them as they are medicine and the percentage of alcohol is very very less.

    So, in case as told in the thread-(I am not sure as I had not yet seen such details)- they will be adding suitable ingredients to hide or remove the unpleasant odour of alcohol in such products.

    Tailpiece: There was a very interesting suggestions and proposal, probably brainchild of a desperate tippler husband, that the government should declare and implement that every time an amount is spent by a man for buying/drinking liquor, an amount equal to that should be credited to the wife's account. He hoped that by this women will not object to their husbands drinking, and even may encourage to drink more.

    Note: I am a teetotaller and a strong believer that alcohol consumption is dangerous to anyone's health.

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    If alcohol is used in lotion or cream for skin and the product is advertised smartly, most probably ladies will use it without judging pros and cons. We have many products in the market which are alcohol based and are used unhesitantly.

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    Some special types of alcohols like cetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol are used in skin care preparations. These are not harmful for skin. The normal alcohol is not good for the skin and harms it before it gets evaporated. So, one should not use any alcohol for skin care application. Even the available products in the market are to be checked for their ingredients before using.
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