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    Let's use the Social Hub more effectively with inspiring quotes

    As you all are aware by now, we have a prominent feature called the Social Hub. What we see there are generally the earnings of members when they use the recalculate feature at their Dashboard, and payments credited to winners of contests, as well as monthly payments credited by the Webmasters. Once in a while, a new member will have put up something in the lobby of the profile account, which then automatically appears in the Social Hub.

    I think once earlier also I had raised a thread or suggested it in a forum response, that we use it more effectively. I had attempted it myself a few years ago, putting in a quote from time to time. That activity somehow petered out. How about some of us doing this, if not daily, at least a couple of times every week?

    Here's what I suggest if anyone is interested- put a quote in the Social Hub that is thought-provoking or inspiring or generally just something beautiful to read. We'll avoid sad and dreary quotes, though; let's stick to something upbeat. Remember to put at the end of the quote the name of the person whose quote it is.
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    I see this section very rarely. I have never seen anybody sharing any information in this section. It is a good suggestion from the author and I think members can think of posting some good quotes. These days we receive many good quotes through Good Morning messages in WhatsApp. They are really good. But the problem is that there is no mention of the creator of that quote.
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    A good suggestion and I have just shared a quote there. Along with putting interesting quotes, I think the features of the Social Hub may be modified a little bit. Earnings of individual members and payment related updates automatically appear on the Social Hub which may be curtailed to some extent.

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    Nice suggestion from the author as the social hub is not effectively used except for payment reciept announcement or award reciept acknowledgement. Instead inspiring quotes can be hoisted so that the hub can be bubling with the activities.
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    I was thinking it need not be just quotes, but perhaps some other things as well, such as recommending a good book we read or a Web series or movie that we watched. Who knows, the social hub could become a miniature forum!
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    A nice suggestion is given by Ma'am. I will definitely provide my contribution to the social hub by sharing inspirational or motivational quotes or interesting information.

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    This is a very good suggestion. Social Hub can be used to share quotes. Not only quotes but like we share tweet or status on other social networks we can also share some short lines like education or positivity in ISC also.

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