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    Evanescence of my sister is the biggest curse in my life.

    This is not a story and it really happened in my childhood.

    She was very cute. She made all the members of the family very joyful with her activities. She was my sister. When I was 9 years old, she completed her first year. She was always naughty. She used to sit with my father when he was doing his prayer. She used to be with my mother when she was sweeping the floor. She used to play with me and my two other sisters. She used to be closer to me and I used to like her. I always used to share my belongings with her. I used to have a special affection for her.

    One day my grandfather came (Mother's father). They used to stay in a nearby village. While going back she went with him to their place. After two days we were informed that she was suffering from a fever. So, my parents with the other two sisters went there leaving me back in the house with my father's mother and brothers. By the time they reached that place she expired and left this universe at an age of 4 years. I couldn't even see her dead body. I always think that she disappeared but not died.

    The evanescence of my sister is the biggest curse in my life. That year my performance in studies also was not up to the mark. My sister disappeared very quickly like an evanescent flavour but her memories are permanent.

    This is my entry for
    Topic based TOW contest for June '21- topic-'Evanescence'.
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    In the life sometimes things happen very fast, very quickly to which we have not prepared and get taken aback and that would be shock and awe mode for us. I can understand if we loose a member of the house so suddenly that would be great loss and cannot be filled. I know when we lost our elder brother when he was 18 and finished his degree with first class and when died because of kidney failure, that was the biggest setback and shock to our family as he was about to get government job also. So sometimes things get happen without our knowledge and information so suddenly.
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    Very sad. In fact right from reading the title, I was having some trepidation and wished the threads ends as a comedy. But now it has made me feel heavy at a heart. Here the child's life with her people would have been termed evanescent, but the pain and memory is permanent. Only that we try to hide and suppress it in and by our busy routine. God forbid such misfortunes to any family.

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    I am sorry, that was a really sad incident. A child who did not even see the nearest world of her life and just left all of you is extremely sorrowful. It is said that time makes us forget the pain or sorrow, but we forget some pains but they come in front of us at any time. When our own go away from us like this, it is very difficult to forget them and in the true sense, we can never because their feeling is always with us and that feeling stays with us as long as we are connected with this life. I still feel bad to know about your sister.

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    I am sorry to have noted this incident what the author has faced in his real life. It has happened all of sudden not before his eyes but his sister left the place along with the mother's father. The tragic incident occurred in the house of the grandfather. Her closeness with the writer has left a permanent void and her absence is irreparable. Though it might happen with the progression of time, the tragedy dilutes but it remains within our heart and often resurfaces all of sudden giving us a lot of stress. I am really pained deeply to hear this bad news.

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