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    The way you talk will matter much

    We will be coming across many people. We also will be interacting with many people day in and day out. We always have good feelings towards people who are soft-spoken. Even though they are cautioning us about certain issues, they use very soothing and soft words which makes us have a positive approach towards them and their suggestions. Some people use very harsh words while talking and shout at us which will make us have an ill feeling towards them. That is why people say the way you talk will matter much.

    When you speak aggressively even to your child, the results may not be as expected. In addition to that, your relationship may also strain. Many people believe yelling is harmful. We can express our views even with soft words without any compromise. I hope members will be in agreement with my views.
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    The way you talk or gestue will matter the much. Even the small children does not like ordering or commanding them. We have to be freindly and make a cozy feeling with them, then only they will listen. One of my relative daughter is one and half year old and she talks with me gesturing and the expression is truly fantastic. While others who do not know her gestures try to mend her to which she does not like. She is very free with me and listens to me what I say. And when we talk with the elders we should be trending with caution as little offensive would be taken seriously and they would not be in talking mode.
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    That's true. How you are conveying the message to the other person is very important. Any kind of aggressive tone will make the other person reactive and the person may start avoiding someone who speaks harshly. Basically, we love a calm, cool and soothing atmosphere and if this calmness is disturbed by something rude we feel the other way. Due to this basic nature, whenever we are interacting with someone we hope our expectations will be fulfilled. Even a person who speaks harshly will not tolerate someone speaking in a harsher tone. Speaking in a soft tone creates a kind of emotional attachment and that's why we feel somehow attached to the person speaking nicely.

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    Words and expressions indeed define our image and character in the eyes of others. Ill manners, harsh words and rudeness make us good or bad people. Our tongue plays a vital role in communication. This small piece of flesh can win hearts and make people our friends and the same tongue can create enmity in the hearts of others against us. People. establish their opinion about us that what type of people we are in their opinion.
    Our bad manners will spread quickly everywhere than our good manners. So, we should keep our tongue in control and should avoid the loose talk.

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    Yes, harsh and needlessly too-blunt words can hurt, but you cannot define people's character by their manner and tone of communication, whether verbal or written and label them as bad. There are, for example, people who are angry or frustrated all the time and habitually vent out at others. They may not be inherently bad in your understanding of the word. On the contrary, they could be the nicest people you ever knew, always there to give support and lend a helping hand when needed.
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    Every person is having an inherent character and way of talking and one is generally known by those traits. Sometimes one may get angry or disturbed and might behave and talk in harsher ways but that is a temporary phase and soon melts down to the normalcy. The way we talk is the result of our upbringing and education and also the company we keep. By observing the ways in which a person talks we can find a lot about him. Other than that it is seen that the soft speaking people who do not unnecessarily negate others feelings and emotions are liked and respected in the society much and people like to have friendship with them.
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    The author is right, the art of talking is a great art and a person who is proficient in it can win the biggest battle of his life. Sometimes big cases were solved easily because the person who solved them had the quality of saying his point in the right way at the right time. Everyone wants that people talk to him with love and decentness and if someone talks in a sarcastic manner by adopting an aggressive attitude, then he becomes an object of hatred among the people. But with all this, another hidden personality is also found, in which something has to be done with a lot of love but the thoughts in his mind for you will not be that positive, we should be identifying such people. Anyways, we cannot change the world easily but we can change ourselves, so the effort should be that we always keep our speech good.

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