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    Why interstate water wars are not settled immediately by center ?

    The current situation is very fluid as both AP and Telangana governments has stationed police at the important water projects and dams so to avoid any over action by the opposite governments. Water woes are going on betweeen Maharastra and Telangana, Between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, Betwen Andhra and Telangana. When the center knows that issues must be settled fast as Krishna river water board is already posted of the matter. Why the center is allowing the matter to get bad to worse ? Why water disputes are not attended immediately ?
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    Water disputes are very common these days between the neighbouring states and the Centre will have its own limitations in solving them. Both the states involved in the dispute will not accept the suggestions of the centre that easily. There should be a reason and there should be a basis. So these disputes are stating a long time. Long formed Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh are also having their disputes unsettled and it will be a continuous process. Already there is an understanding about the sharing but some deviation is noticed now.
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    The states which are not responsible for water waste should be given more priorities. As the tail end states allow water to get into the seas.
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    Water dispute is not a simple issue after all it's about a natural resource that can not be easily divided that may be the reason that there are tribunals have been created for specific water disputes. Whether it's about, Krishna water dispute, Kaveri water dispute, or Narmada water dispute all have the same condition. There was a time when Sindhu river disputes have also arisen between India and Pakistan and then after a long discussion it has been decided that the 80:20 formula will be applied between Sindhu Satluz and its tributaries, known as Sindu Water Samjhota, but still many times some disputes arise between countries. It is a big challenge to solve this dispute and always time taking.

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