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    Your actions will prove whether your words are evanescent or not.

    People often speak a lot however their actions doesn't suffice their words. It doesn't matter whether you aim high or have a lot to talk about, what matters the most are your efforts towards achieving or fulfilling your words. Sometimes even small actions are worth it, if done according to the expectations you've set. Many a times words spoken by us turn evanescent due to the lack of action taken towards proving it. Just as people say actions speaks louder than words, in the same way when actions are not equivalent to your words then these words become evanescent.

    Once a person loses the worth of it's words and his words fades, the whole point of aiming high and doing efforts will go in vain so one should be aim what one can achieve and prove rather than something that is superficial, so that their actions go way beyond the expectations they set for themselves, with time.
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    The author has well connected the tow topic with this very good write up. Normally our words does not tally with our actions and that is because either we have been faul with over confident words, or does not understood the work mode to complete the same. And this world moves on word of mouth and our words should be simple and straight without any confusion to others. Once the word is lost the confidence in the person is lost. That is why the politicians are time and again warned not to speak of bad words and bad about the opposition parties and they may come back to the power the the reverse would happen.
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    Speaking something or promising something and not following the spoken words is very common with politicians. They say many things and promise many things before elections and conveniently forget their words after the elections. This is the order of the day. The voters also can't do anything.
    One should not talk about something which we can't do. Words are easily forgotten. But we should not take it as an advantage and say many things and never do anything. A responsible person can never do that. Words are evanescent. That is true.

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    I agree that actions worth more than words. We need to come up with brilliant ideas and these ideas need to be executed then we can raise our voice that our words are nonevanescent. Throwing tall talks on everyone is a useless activity.
    Historical personalities and their teachings are great sources of inspiration. Somewhere I read that we should not divulge what our plans or strategy are, although these plans and strategies belong to our personal lives yet we should hide from others because if we fail to continue our planning other people may have an opportunity to laugh at us. How such people would accept tall talks.

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    A nice thread has been posted by the author, this is true that if our actions are good then we do not need to prove our words, as it will automatically reflect from your actions. Some people have a habit of speaking unnecessarily just without taking any action. I agree with the author that once anyone loses the value of spoken words then all efforts go in vain. So the better is to do something and just continue to do it until getting your goal. Once you got it the world will automatically know about you, and you would not be needed to elaborate on anyone. Apart from that if you say or promise something the try to make it fulfill.

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    That's true and we always need to be careful while promising an action. I think it's also important to remember what we say otherwise we may forget what was said and therefore the action will be different. If we say many things at a time then there is a chance to forget a couple of things. We need to say specifically those which are important and avoid blabbering.

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    Practise what you preach.; Preach only that you will practice.This is a characteristic of a true leader and icon. People will truly follow and will be loyal to such persons.
    Those who do practice what they preach to others will be considered hollow and fake.

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