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    Word pairs Tri-series ONO challenge - 1

    In May we had a summer camp activity in which you submitted a writeup that started and ended with a word pair. That was a trial run; now comes the real challenge! This will be a Tri-series, that is, consisting of three challenges, each announced at any time and open for entries for six days. Each challenge will have a theme (O.N.O.), with the rules the same across all three. Points will be awarded to your entry in each and tallied at the end of the Tri-series. There will be prizes for the highest tally of points and in order to win those prizes, you must participate in all three challenges.

    Series 1 Theme: Objects

    What you have to do: In a response to this thread, submit a write-up with word pairs that are objects. Both the two words in the pair should be inanimate objects and should be ones that are used inside the home or office. By objects is meant general things, so it need not literally be something like a lock and key but could be something related to food, such as apples and oranges. However, they should make sense and must be relevant as a pair. Things like weapons, medicinal drugs, and garments will not be allowed. The decision of the jury panel on the validity of the pairs will be final.

    The Rules:
    1. You can submit only one entry. The entry should not be a story or poem, but a general writeup in English.
    2. The writeup should begin with the word pair and end with the same word pair in the reverse order (e.g. if it is lock & key, it should end with key & lock). It should be grammatically correct at the beginning and at the end, and there should be no words before the word pair that is placed at the beginning, and no words after the word pair that appears at the end. Please refer to the link given above to see the valid writeups that were submitted in the trial run. You can use the word pair in the plural (e.g. locks and keys), but then it should also end in the same way (keys and locks, and not key and lock).
    3. The write-up should not exceed 12 sentences. Do not needlessly extend a sentence with punctuation or 'and', 'but', and the like. You may edit your entry at any time before closing time to correct mistakes, but do not change the word pair selected and should retain the general core of the writeup.

    Last date to submit entries for Series 1: 7th July 2021. There will be no extensions, so do not wait till the last minute to submit your entry. Think out of the box!

    If you require any clarifications, you can submit your queries in a response to this thread only.
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    Oh, yes, of course! I completely forgot about those kinds of sauces, merely restricting my mental image to that of the regular ketchup bottle. In fact, I now recall enjoying a warm gooey chocolate sauce with a cake at a fine dining restaurant and there was a raspberry flavoured one with ice cream at the Kwality restaurant in Surat (didn't like the latter sauce though). Thanks for jogging those evanescent memories! And that photo has come at the right time since we are celebrating ISC's 14th birthday.

    Anauj, perhaps you are returning & not just casually dropping in?

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    This is my submission for the contest.

    Bread and butter will come to my rescue many times. When my wife is busy with other works, it will be my breakfast. When I leave early from my house, it serves me. Always there will be a butter packet in our refrigerator. A bread packet will be brought from the nearby general stores. Sometimes I will be going for jam instead of butter. A set consisting of a piece of bread covered with a thin layer of butter and another bread piece over that will be excellent stuff either for lunch or breakfast or supper. When I was in China this is the only food that protected me for 15 days. My granddaughter loves it very much. She wanted it every day. But my wife never likes this combination. She eats bread with some sugar or jam. Sometimes we eat a pudding made with bread and butter. My daughter in law makes it very tasty. How you feel about the combination of butter and bread.

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    My submission - Day to Night.

    Day to night, the morning that began with the rising of the sun turns into the night with its setting, and it seems natural, that a day is over, but the day of our life is not complete. It is completed when, once again, it moves from night to day. We find the time of the day-long because we are busy and working, but at night we spend hours sleeping and we do not even know about such a long night, because we are calm. But while we are sleeping, people are working in some other countries because there is the day, thus the moments of people's lives are being created continuously. Like the earth, in our life also, the conditions are not always the same, today someone is happy, tomorrow the same happiness is going to be with someone else. So there is a time of our sorrow, that is, our night, then we should remain calm then definitely this time will too be passed away soon. Nothing is stable, when half of the world is moving from day to night, the other half-world is moving from night to day.

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    Spoon and fork are the two things that one should learn to use. Indians are habituated of using hands to eat. We need to wash our hands before taking food. I have seen many people struggling to eat with spoon and fork in parties. In a function, for the feast, various types of spoons, fork and knife are placed on the sides of the plates. Newbies to such parties won't know what spoon to use or how to use the knife and fork.. I had a good experience when I sat with a union minister for lunch. The table was well decorated and the plates with cutleries were neatly arranged on the sides of the plates. We on the table were ready to use the cutleries when the food was served by the stewards. To my utter surprise, the minister avoided the cutleries and started eating by hand. What to do? We had to follow what the minister did. We all on the table started eating by hand. This was an unforgettable event in my life.

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    My submission - salt and pepper

    Salt and pepper both are important food Item of our kitchen. Sometimes, if by mistake forget to add salt and peeper in our recipe then our food is tasteless. We can't take a single bite without these nutrient. While cooking, I often forget to add salt in my curry due to which our family member have to live empty stomach. Some times, senior member of my family get very angry because of not adding salt and pepper in required amount in food. Actually, they prefer to have spicy and delicious food. As you know, food without required salt and pepper couldn't be tasty. So, for making good taste it's presence is compulsory. Peeper and salt is not used for taste only but It also has different healthy aspect.

    [Invalid - word pair not reversed at the end.]

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    Rice and wheat are two main food items used in various ways in different dishes in our houses. Wheat flour or coarsely ground wheat is used for chapati or poridge or daliya while rice and rice flour are used in variety of ways in our kitchen for making so many delicious dishes. Whether one makes chapati or bread or buns or rusks etc, wheat flour is the basic ingredient for them. The famous parotha of Indian origin has become famous worldwide due to its basic ingredient derived from wheat only. Indian food is not complete without wheat and rice in one or other form. Rice is a great source for famous biryani and also for omnipresent dosa and idli. We will find the marks of wheat and rice everywhere in Indian cooking. These two items are so important in our cooking that we cannot plan our dish without having them in one or other form. Can you imagine having our daily meals without using wheat and rice?
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    My write up or this contest is : Needle and Thread.

    'Needle and thread' was name of a game contest in our school days. This pair has always interested me. I used to ponder over their functionality being a pair as well as individuals. They reminded me of the old time husband-wife pair, one always leading and the other dutifully following. And they are also joined by 'tying a knot' to stay together. As a pair their duty is to join the separated ones. Elder and experienced people ensure that at rest also they lie together. However, individually they can cause pain and nuisance too. As singles, their job becomes 'threading' or 'needling' which is quite different from stitching. A friend of mine who heard me talking about this pair got so impressed and named his boutique shop 'Thread and needle'.

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    My Word: Dustbin and duspan

    Dustbin and dustpan, the most common and useful tools found in any home be it a village or city to collect the waste accumulated in our house or surrounding to keep the place clean. We can compare it with our mind or brain. As we all know that a dustbin and dustpan is used to keep our house clean by collecting the leftover or waste and prevent the foul smell, mosquitoes, and other insects in the same way, our mind is a garbage bin which collects all the garbage that is thrown by the society or people around us. It keeps on collecting everything from people we meet and if we do not segregate what to keep or what to wipe off, it will destroy our peace and happiness. As we can separate the trash and keep the dry, wet, plastics, etc. separately and throw them accordingly, so also, we should keep on cleaning our minds to keep good thoughts to empower us and remove the negativity from our minds. The dustbin and dustpan have a form but our mind is formless and it can turn any bad into good and good into bad as we keep thinking. So try always to give our mind a beautiful form by good thoughts and views to keep oneself happy, content and peaceful always and keep our thoughts clean as dustpan and dustbin.

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    My word pair: Television and remote

    Television and remote- an important pair for many couples, siblings and even roommates in PG. We have heard many funny incidents, pranks and fights related to this pair. Just like many others, it is the most memorable pair of my childhood days. I and my elder sister used to fight to own the remote at the time of our TV break and most of the time, it was her to boss the remote being the elder one. In fact, many times, I have hidden the remote so if not I, she also could not enjoy her favourite channels. The time passed and it was my elder sister's marriage. All the functions were over and it was the time of "Vidaai" and I was crying holding her hand. Suddenly my nephew (cousin's son) came and said, "Bhua (aunt) do not cry, now you will not need to fight for watching your favourite channel and both will be yours- remote and television".


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    My word pair: Chair and table

    Chair and table are available in all households and offices. This pair is one of the most useful things available in homes and offices. Tables are of several kinds like study table, coffee table, dining table, side table, centre table etc. A plain table and chair can be used for any purpose. Nowadays designer and very stylish chair and table are available which may give a royal look to homes and offices. Another good thing is that now tables are available in many sizes and shapes such as larger, smaller, L- shaped, U- shaped. One can select a table as per the space requirement. If there is enough space is available at your home, you can choose a larger table but if there is a shortage of space at home you can choose a smaller table and chair.

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    My submission - Fruits and vegetables

    Fruits and vegetables, the essential requirement in our daily life in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. These days, kids do forget to take them. Instead, they are attracted to the junk foods. Little did they understand that those foods are unhealthy. Whatever we try to eat healthy in our 30s or 40s, it will boost the immunity in our body only to a certain level. Hence, parents should include the fruits and vegetables in their child's diet. And of course, the diet should be balanced. That means, we should take both of them. A good lifestyle with a proper diet is a must. There are so many benefits in eating fruits and vegetables. Yes, we know that, yet we don't give a damn about it. Later, we regret about it. So why not do it now? Start eating vegetables and fruits.

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    Cake and pastry are generally part of every celebration and without them, the sweetness of special events fades away. Ingredients required to make both of them are generally the same but a cake, in general, is larger than a pastry. Necessary ingredients to make both of them are flour, bread, egg, sugar, but don't forget to bake a cake or pastry. Garnishing them with strawberries or choco chips can provide our baked cake with a classy look. There are wide varieties of cakes and pastries are available in the market, at different prices. So what you prefer for your celebration, between pastry and cake?

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    Hammers and nails are a very common and useful tool that is often found in every household. The modest hammer has two purposes, one is to drive the nail into the wood and the other is to disengage the nail from the wood. There is also an idiom associated with hammer and nail. That is, if you have a hammer, then everything looks like a nail. This suggests that with limited tools, stubborn people apply them unfairly. Nails are most commonly used to join pieces of wood together. We also use nails to hang photos on the wall in homes. A carpenter's job is incomplete without these two tools. Not only for the carpenter but for all of us many tasks in life are incomplete without nails and hammers.

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    Word Pair: Book and Bookshelf

    Book and bookshelf, a pair that signifies the importance of reading. If there are bookshelves stacked with books in any house, it gives an impression of the value of education among the family members of the particular home. It also conveys that the residents do not live in the darkness anymore because of ignorance, as reading books creates awareness. Now the point is that having books kept neatly on a bookshelf should not be a mere symbol of intellectualism and fake knowledge. Reading is known to be the best hobby, and it extends a big horizon of intelligence and understanding for every reader. The people who keep books on a bookshelf just for decoration purposes in their homes gain nothing from the false image. Such people would fail to talk to any learned person and hold discussions related to the books kept on the bookshelf. Even the choice of books matters a lot to create an image of the people of the particular house. Thus, one should be very careful about putting up a respectable image with bookshelf and book.


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