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    Do not let the opportunities evanescent

    Doing the right thing at the right time is always important and often these two do not occur concurrently. Suppose you wish to say something to a person but either you are unable to meet the person or even if you meet, the person is in such a mood which is not conducive enough to have that kind of conversation. In that case, if you say it to the person the result can be absolutely different or just the opposite. I am sure you are aware of gauging the mood of your parents or teachers or even boss while discussing particular issues. When you are willing to switch your job but somehow not getting the opportunity I am sure you will never want to miss the interview if suddenly there is an announcement of the interview in one of your favourite organizations. You may say that many people do not even get the opportunity because of their poor luck, but if we keep the luck factor aside, it may be found that an opportunity became evanescent because of a lack of an action at the appropriate time. Make use of the opportunities. Who knows what is going to happen later on? By always waiting for better opportunities can make the opportunities evanescent.

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    After reading this post my thoughts went to my elders who used to say that in everyones life the God gives three opportunities which would change the life for sure. But foolish are those who do not understand and takes easy towards the leads given by the life. It may be someone who would be a recommendation provider through which you may get a life, or a opportunity which came for others would be passed on to you as a matter of luck factor or sometimes through your sheer hard work and committments to the best deeds of life, the opportunity comes calling without any hassles.
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    The author has nicely described how to exploit the benefits so we can use the same for better utilisations. We cannot change our fate unless fully motivated for a brighter future. We can see some people working lazily and remain demotivated every time. They cannot change their practice despite their efforts. If we are not inspired with the given assignment, nothing can change us for the better prospects. God has provided us life with the hope of our positive involvements and all our energies should be directed towards achieving the goal. Only foolish people blame themselves without analysing the real situations.

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    It is said that opportunity knocks but once, which means that it comes to us rarely and if we miss it is gone. Taking the advantage of the opportune moment is an art and many people are expert in that. At the same time the confused and lazy will think for a long time and would not be able to take a decision and the chance would be lost. These things come up in our life for a short time and we have to decide about them quickly. I remember when I was posted in Assam state in a company my boss from Delhi came to visit there for some company work and asked me whether I would like to work with him in Delhi. I did not have courage to ask him what will be my role there as it might change his mood so I blindly agreed thinking it as an opportunity. He gave orders for the same and next month I was working with him. I was expecting some technical work of my choice but he gave me some other work which few people like. But I had no choice because I had already given my blind affirmation to him earlier. So every time the opportunity might not result in a pleasant situation but sometimes quick decisions are required to progress ahead.
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    A very good thread has been submitted by the author for the contest. It is true that although there is no dearth of opportunities in life, it is important that we recognize the right opportunity at the right time and take steps in that direction. Only by running after the opportunity, we can not achieve it but it requires the right plan and this plan covers many elements, your circumstance, your experience, your present situation, your perseverance, and most importantly your choice of opportunity. The choice should never be made out of enthusiasm or seeing others. As I said that there is no dearth of opportunities, it means whether you are able to choose the right opportunity for yourself or not, and always remember that if you are confident and believe in yourself then you will create your opportunity yourself.

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    Many opportunities will come. But making them fruitful is in the hands of the individual. When you are going in a bus on standing you may find a vacant seat. You have to sit there before somebody occupies that seat. Otherwise, you will lose the chance. Like this, we will have many chances but many times we will fail to grab them. Making the best use of the chance is in the hands of the individual.
    There are people who wait for a better chance. But another type of people are there who grab whatever opportunity comes and they convert it as their best opportunity. Such people will be verysuccesful in their lives. One should be very alert always and grab the chance that comes his way and see that he will be successful in his life.

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    The author has rightly said that most of the time due to negligence or lack of action on our part, we overlook many opportunities. It is also worth knowing that there is always a shortage of something, due to which we are not able to take advantage of the right opportunity at the right time. But some people deliberately take a calculated risk to take advantage of the opportunity, which mostly leads to huge profits in the future. Such people do not let go of the opportunity because of the lack of something, but they try to squeeze it according to the existing capacity they have.

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    The core message of the thread is condensed in the proverb" Make hay while the shines". Another one to be remembered in this context is, "Opportunity knocks at your doors but once".

    We should know that a missed opportunity may be very costly for us and so always try to make use of right opportunities.

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