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    The goodness will spread and pour.

    All trees of goodness that remain today are a continuation of the good deeds that someone once started. The initiators of all good deeds are some have no thoughts of returning to them any of the virtues they do. Unselfishly begun good deeds will continue through someone else. The seed of holiness deposited in those who receive help will germinate at the right time without them even knowing it.

    Trees and forests are made up of seeds scattered from carved fruits by flying birds. What else is motivation than the goodness that is being done without measuring and without keeping account? Not only evil, but good also will spread and be poured out.
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    The author has given a good tutorial through this thread that we must learn from the birds as how they do seeds polination and that gives rise to plants growing into trees, Because in forests none would come and plant the trees and the nature takes care of itself. Likewise when good deeds are done in a family and that is passed on as the legacy down the line and the next generation would pursue the same. There are some big familes in India still living in the Hindu United family cult and pursuing the art of good deeds passed on to the young ones and thus the spread of goodness is appropriate, right and sure to the correct directions.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Intentionally or unintentionally, knowingly or unknowingly, when we do certain good deeds the fruits will be enjoyed by the coming generations if not you.
    An old man was planting a tree on the roadside. A man going that way asked him what is the use of planting that tree at that age as the old man can't enjoy the fruits from that tree. Then the old man replied, I enjoyed the fruits of the trees planted by my forefathers. Similarly, the fruits of this tree will come in use to the next generations to come. That should be the attitude of all the people.
    Your good deeds will definitely come to your rescue when you are in need in one form or the other. We have to try and do always the best possible deeds which will be useful to many others.

    always confident

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    The author has rightly said, when any work is done selflessly in the interest of someone else for any reason, then every work comes in the category of good deeds. Presently the situation is a bit bad and we rarely get to include these good things in our lives. If the world wants, then the person in front should have a good feeling with him, but when the question comes about himself, then people start having problems in becoming good. Even good people sometimes suppress their best because they are being advised to do so by someone. Some people because of their bad experiences lead other people to the evil paths. Goodness is always in all of us and we should increase it further, for these good deeds should be given priority, it will increase automatically. Live your life with your goodness and spread as much as you can.

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