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    Cope with criticism, give the befitting reply

    Though we are right at thinking and doing the things as per our wish and knowledge or know how, three are every chance of criticism or even better advice to do the things in a most other sought ways. You may not like the criticism as you are already on the job of accomplishing the task, but you are duty bound to refute the wrong sayings from others in a more befitting manner so that they do not dare to criticize you in future. By refuting the criticism you have already sent a warning signals to others to mend their own ways.
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    Criticism is one of the ways to take care of faults which might occur in course of carrying out a job. If the same thing is being done by a senior people in brief manner in his cabin where no one is present other than you, it could be a healthy way of criticism. May be your boss is your well wisher but some point/ points he would not like and he may advise of inclusion of some alternative ways and in such cases, the criticism is not bad. Such criticism would rather improve your performance.
    However, the other side of the criticism could upset you with the twisting of the facts or levelling you some allegations which you might not have done, in that you should strongly object and should give befitting reply to the party so that he takes care in the next time of unnecessary criticism.

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    Criticism tweaks a person if he takes criticism positively, negative thinking about criticism snatches one's self-confidence and affects performance. When someone has a bevy of critics it may be problematic for him. If criticism is healthy it is good for him but if criticism comes from enemies or rivals it should not be taken to heart, rather good points should be sought. If their criticism begins to enrage or starts affecting performance or shakes self-confidence then their criticism should be neglected.
    As far as the befitting reply is concerned, collect the opponent's weak points and use their weakness in your reply.

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    Criticism should not be mere allegation, instead suggestions to improve upon.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Criticism may be good sometimes if it is made constructively for our improvement. But some people criticise for the sake of criticising. Such criticisms need not be taken seriously and when we do the task by ignoring the suggestions given by such people, that itself will be a fitting reply to them.
    When we understand the task properly and when we are confident that we can complete the work successfully, we need not worry about criticism. We can go ahead and show the results to the people. There may be persons who want you to fail in your tasks and such people may misguide you. So we should not consider such people's suggestions.
    If somebody is poking into your affairs unnecessarily, you can tell them straight not to interfere in your affairs. You can tell him that you are ready to accept the result whatever it may be and you don't want to change your plan of action.

    always confident

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    This is a good advisory thread by the author. If we start taking our criticism moderately, then it will be very easy for us and if we start understanding the root of the criticism, then we can improve ourselves further. There are two types of criticism, one is those people who have chosen to criticize just because they do not have any work to do and they just want to spoil their time, these people feel pleasure in criticizing any person without any meaning, then it is normal, you should ignore theml. Criticism of such people is useless, pay no attention to them. The second type of people who criticize so that your deficiency can be overcome, consider such people as your supporter or adviser and try to consider their criticism as their feedback and work on it to make yourself better.

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    Constructive criticism is tolerable but not the distructive criticism.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Don't think by refuting a criticism you are sending any kind of warning to anybody. It's entirely up to you whether you can handle criticism or not, even if it is what you call a destructive one. You can prove something wrong when you know the right and you need to stand for that. If somebody is criticising you it doesn't mean that you have to give your critic a befitting reply.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Criticising is embedded in the human nature and many people do it day in and day out. The person about whom they criticise may come to know it sooner or later even if it is done in his absence. Now it is up to him as how he takes it and what are the relations with that person and also the past experiences with him. So, depending upon various factors the response would be there. I have seen some persons responding differently to different persons for the same comments and criticisms. It is also true that sometimes it is necessary to reply aptly to the comments and the other person should not take the things as granted.
    Knowledge is power.

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