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    The feeling of evanescence and escaping from the materialistic world

    The world is full of challenges and obstacles and one has to struggle ahead in one's life and fight against the odds to reach the goals. It is easy to say so but there are instances when one gets disappointed and sad due to continuous failures and a feeling of evanescence sets in. The person yearns to stop doing everything and desires to flee to some isolated place as a fugitive. When such a thing happens one sometimes escapes from one's present environment to some isolated place where there is no one and one has only to interact with nature. As per our cultural history many people went to Himalayan ranges or other such lone places and started dwelling in caves and other such fugitive shelters and some of them could even realise the spiritual attainment and became saints of much repute.

    It is of course the individual's choice to go for such extreme steps to leave pursuing materialistic pleasures and strive for spiritual attainment. Depending upon one's interest and inclination, one has to choose the path of life.

    This is my entry for the month end topic based TOW contest on 'evanescence'.
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    What I feel escaping from materialistic world is nothing but running away from the challenges and problems. That the author tried to connect the tow topic with his eventual thought, but the reality cannot be accepted without life existence and its going about. What is the use of spiritual attainment when the same person as discarded his responsibiity and duty towards his own family and ran away from the choas of life. In those days elders used to say that attain all the glory of life and then seek the divine intervention so that you would be freed from the life shackles and good for fag end of life period.
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    I agree with the author. When there is serious trouble or unwanted happening in our life we feel we should run away from all these problems to an isolated place where no disturbance. But it is momentary only. Meanwhile, we will hear a call from somebody from inside the house which will bring us into this materialistic world again. Generally in Telugu, we will call it Smasana Vyaragyam ( Graveyard despair).
    When we go to attend the final rituals of a person to a graveyard and see the dead body we will get into such graveyard despair. This happens many times in our lives. A good submission from the author.

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    A nice thread has been given by the author. Adopting spirituality is a good way, but running away from your challenges or choosing the path of spirituality due to fear of conflict, does not seem very logical. By adopting the path of spirituality, a person tries to identify himself, he wants to know what is the purpose of his life, but as long as he does not live life, how can his purpose be understood. Struggles and challenges in life are there to tell us that nothing is easy and nothing is going to be achieved without hard work, be it prestige or spirituality.

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    At times one may think of running away from society and live in a desolate place. If this feeling stays longer then the person may eventually choose to move away but I don't think that is the best solution. Running away from the problem is not a solution and when the person begins to realize this a new journey starts. Maybe you can say the journey of spiritualism. Staying alone with yourself for longer durations will let you realize many things. When you are unable to spend time with yourself then you may think of an escape route but that should not be something like leaving everything behind to search for a new life in an isolated place. Though it's entirely up to the person.

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    Escaping is not a solution because a person can escape physically but mentally it is very difficult. Our biggest obstacle as a human being is not materialism but in fact if one wants to go into spirituality one cannot escape from the challenges. No one can grow without facing the challenge. Once a person becomes truly spiritual, materialism and society are not a problem for him.

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    The author is right that all of us face challenges at every step in our life and some If us face these challenges bravely and some of us succumb to them. It all depends on personal qualities, financial & social conditions and prevalent circumstances.
    Some people are disappointed after failure in several attempts but I don't think such people renunciate all their comfortable life and move to any jungle or mountain to become renunciants.
    I don't think running away from fulfilling duty and responsibility can be considered as a logical act. It might have happened in past that people might renounce their worldly life and would become monk.

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    In my entryfor this TOW thread, I had mentioned that the word 'evanescent' is more apt when discussing philosophical contexts.
    This author has used the keyword in such a subject.
    There are many tings we can say as evanescent in our lie like vanity, glory etc in relation to the permanent truths of life cycle.

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