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    We cannot win always!

    There is a cut throat competition in this world in every area and it requires a fighting spree to participate in the various competitions, exams, contests, and knowledge testings arranged by the various agencies time to time for selecting the best possible performers. There are some who are definitely outstanding and meritorious while many of us might be the easy going mediocre ones. Even out of the meritorious ones the competition is very tough as the demand is less and candidates are more. Unfortunately, this is the situation today more or less everywhere. In such a scenario things like 'rejected' and 'not selected' will often be presented to us but we have to accept this ground reality and concentrate in the avenues where self employment would be a possibility or compromise with the situation and join a low grade job as an interim measure or search other alternatives. So, we must keep in the back of our mind, however meritorious we might be, that we cannot win always. Life is like that and we must keep on trying.
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    We have to keep in mind that the winning is not possible to all and one has to prepare to loose with grace because winning is not possible everytime. And we cannot win always. During Mahabharath war when Arjun was feeling he has been successful in eliminating great warriors of Kauravas, Lord Krishna wants to teach him lesson. He tried to stop war between Karna and Arjun as Krishna knows none can win against the Karna. He played the game of chariot going into the small ditch and would not come up and Arjun would be asked to arrow Karna to death. That was not winning situation for the Arjun and yet he has to obey Krishna. In fact I always see this scene as the cheating done on Karna who was cursed to get defeated and that is actually a winning situation for him and even Krishna considers Karna as the great warrior.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    An inspirational thread has been given by the author. There would have been a little more than victory and defeat, or maybe it is so, but the understanding of ordinary people is not of that level that they can understand life more than the scale of defeat and victory. If someone has won today, then surely he must have either faced defeat before it or can see defeat in the future. When we see this happening around us and have very normal behavior then why do we get disappointed in our own affairs. Victory is a point where many people are running to reach, and we are also involved in that we may lose today but it is sure that one day we will definitely win. Many times a person also forgets that he is able to celebrate the happiness of victory because he knows the sorrow of defeat, if we do not see defeat then this happiness will also start to fade.

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    Do your best and leave. Never expect the outcome. Whatever is due that will follow. This is what Baghavad Gita told. Don't do any work keeping the outcome in view. Do the task the best way you can do and never keep any stone unturned for completing the task. The best result will always follow.
    There is terrific competition these days in every place. When there is a job opening, for a single post we may receive many applications. But only one person will get selected for that. Thinking that the chances are remote we should not stop applying for that. That one person maybe you or I. So we should apply. But if we are not selected we should not get disappointed.
    Today we may not be winning. But that is not the ultimate. As mentioned by our Ex-President Kalam sab this F.A.I.L. may be the First Attempt In Learning. So we should go on trying and effort never dies, and the END will always be happy.

    always confident

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    If your soul purpose is to win in the competition race every time, it is not possible especially in the case of selecting of two candidates. The possibility in that case is fifty fifty denoting the success rate of 50. However, in the event of your failure, you should not be disheartened since all your passion to achieve the success will definitely offer you you chance to win if you fine tune your skill. There is a tough competition in the market in relation to all the vacancies and if you narrow the selection process between the two, it then becomes all the more difficult to get selected. If there is a defeat, there is also the chances of success in the next time. In any case, you should not leave your hope.

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