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    Everything is evanescent in this world

    As all of you know nothing is permanent in this world. So, we should not be arrogant about things whatever we got in life. But, people don't hesitate in cheating others. Not only thing is something evanescent in the world but feeling, thought, emotion and perspective also come under evanescent nature. Besides, sorrow and happiness are also for a short period in our life. If sorrow comes into our life then automatically goes from life. Likewise, the same thing happens in nature. Plant produce new leaves and shed it leaves in the next season. Finally, we expect that corona virus will be evanescent from our life one day.

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    Nice write up from the author which connected to the tow topic in a most natural way which makes us to think twice that our life is very temporary and nothing is permanent in this world. In this regard I recall a saying that what ever is seen with the naked eyes are bound to destroy are removed from this world sooner or later and that includes all the infrastructures, animals and even every human beings. The God has created limited life to every one and we have to play our drama here and once the scene is over, we are bound to go back and that is the ultimate death to which we do not know the exact date.
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    Yes. Nothing is permanent in this world. The people who are alive today may not be there tomorrow. This is a fact. But nobody thinks in that way. That is true. They think they are permanent here and try all the ways to earn as much as possible. For that, they struggle day in and day out. But once they die, nothing will go with them.
    As mentioned by the author, the happiness we have today may not be there tomorrow. The bad times facing today may not be there tomorrow. One should not get emotional with their happiness or pains. The author brought out this fact very nicely in his submission.

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    In our scriptures it is very well mentioned that this world is just like a momentary dream and we all have come here to play our role. Everything belonging to this materialistic world will remain here only and we all one day will leave this world and we will dissolve in the nature from where we emerged in this world long back. It is also told that whatever short time we have been provided, we have to spend it in good deeds and help our fellow beings in whatever capacity we can. Noble people follow this doctrine in their lives and not only keep a happy life but also make others happy.
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    That author is right that nothing is permanent in this world- beauty, wealth, land, property, characteristics all tangible and non-tangible things around us will evanesce sooner or later. It is real. It happens. I strongly support this opinion that we should not be arrogant and proud of our possession that might lead us to degrade our fellow human beings. We should be humble and should not fly for our achievements and successes. We should keep our feet on the ground. We are made of clay should not be forgotten. One day everything will disappear into nowhere - the unseen realm. Live happily and let others live happily.

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    I totally agree with the author, there is nothing permanent in this world and definitely, everything will be evanescent one day. Apart from that whatever we have today maybe will not be our own someday and will go to some else, whether we take about things or it can be also related with the relationships of this world. Many of us are not able to think like a monk and as a common human being, we always attached those temporary things and the day when they evanescent from our life we feel sad but it's not too easy to accept for everyone that everything is evanescent in this world.

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