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    Do not let evanescence, a loving warm welcome practice of our culture.

    A warm welcome from the heart has been a very good practice of the culture. For more than a year, most of us are working from our homes, but before that, people used to go to the office normally, and spend almost the whole day in office work. and when people used to come back in the evening or till late at night and after getting tired very little of their energy was left for the family.

    If we give a pleasant welcoming environment to a person, his tired energy can also turn into active energy. Every time a child who does not strat speak, sees his family members, he becomes overjoyed on seeing them and welcomes them every time, he/she jumps or extends his/her hand towards you, and automatically we also feel a loving environment around us, we can learn from this little innocent.

    If you count the moments in your life, some of you may find it too much and some too few. But in this calculation, when you calculate your family life, you will come to know that out of the time that you spend with the family, you spend a lot of time eating, drinking, sleeping and doing much routine work, so when we are aware that we have less time for our loved ones, why not make that little time so beautiful and memorable that every day. Every time we meet after some time, a warm welcome and a kind response when we meet will make your relationship stronger.

    Apart from that, there was a time when our relatives come to us, we used to welcome them with joy from the heart, keeping all our important work aside, but now we can see when there is a guest, some members of the family especially some youth do not even welcome them if they are busy in mobile or TV, this is not the right way, because whether the person is not your but other member's guest, still when someone comes to your home you should welcome them with a warm loving feelings.

    The important practice of our culture is that we should always welcome the visitors or guests with a happy heart with love. Don't let this evanescence, rather understand its importance and bring it to life. So whether it's a family member or a guest, give a warm welcome to everyone.

    This is my entry for TOW contest
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    A warm welcome creates a lasting impression on the person and he would remember the same for ever. Suppose when you called many for gracing the occasion of the marriage and no one to greet the guests would very much upset. At the same time if some relatives are stationed at the entrance and greet them while coming it, that would be the pleasing moment and the guests would feel at home and ease. Likewise when we greet the family members when they visit back the home after the hectic day and the fragrance of smile on our face would change their tiredness to a sweet smile reciprocation from them.
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    The author has dwelt upon the traditional Indian belief and custom ingrained in the statement 'Athithi Devo Bhava"- Guest is akin to God.

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