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This thread is the co-winner of a special prize in the topic based TOW contest for June '21.
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    Is the evanescent characteristic of elements is indispensable for evolution and freshness?

    Here 'element' means every entity whether it is living or non-living.

    As a drop of dew with time, when the sun converts that drop of dew into vapor by its heat, it moves to a new dimension and at the same time leaves room for a new and fresh drop of dew.

    Is this fleeting moment a sign of growth and freshness?

    What if we want that drop of dew to last forever and will that drop be able to make us joyous forever?

    We, humans, have conquered land, water, and air. We've seen the postcards become evanescent, where it used to take days to send a message, but today it takes less than a second. For development to take place, postcards need to be faded so that new technology can take place. What does not fade is the message.

    Our forum section of ISC is a very good example. Even here threads become evanescent but leaving their fragrance so that new and fresh threads can come. Whatever we learn from those old threads is reflected in the new. This gives us an indication of our growth as well as novelty. In the meantime, what have we acquired and our affection among the members is everlasting not evanescence.

    That's why I believe the Evanescent quality of elements for innovation and growth is commendable. What are your thoughts?

    This is my entry for the Topic based TOW contest for June '21- topic-'Evanescence'.
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    The author has nicely connected the tow topic to the nature and also to the forum example and that is really good from his point of view and I enjoyed the content.
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    When a liquid gets converted into a gas we can't see that and we may feel that it got evaporated. But it will be there in vapour form and not visible to us. A liquid of a small volume may occupy more space and its volume will increase. So by getting evanescent the materials are enhancing their volumes and we can say it is developing. The smell will be felt even though we can't see the gas.
    A very good thought from the author. The evanescent character makes a room for development. But sometimes I feel the developed versions are making the prior versions evanescent. Even today also postcards are available but as we have faster ways to communicate we are not using them.

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    The author has presented this post very nicely. The nature has a very set rule in this aspect and old gives place to new. That is how the things move ahead and evolution takes place. There are some basic forces in the nature which facilitate these things to happen to create new fornms from the existing things. There are many examples in the nature pertaining to these transformations where new takes the place of old.
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    Or it may be said that evolution makes those elements evanescent. Evolution is necessary and there is no way to stop it. Technical development is so fast nowadays that even the technologies are becoming evanescent. The version of the software or the operating system you use today will completely change after some time and even there may not be any support available for the previous versions. Everything becomes old one day and the new item takes its place. This is a fact and yet the transformation is quite amazing.

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