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    Is this kind of thanks, justified?

    In general, we say thanks to someone when he/she helps us or please when we need help from someone, but when we force someone for help and by getting help, we thank them, is the meaning of thanks justified here? My brother has a friend who needed my brother's camera for a special event. Since that boy is a little careless, that's why my brother was a little hesitant to give his camera, but the friend continued to insist and that friend kept asking till we didn't give him the camera, and finally after taking the camera, he thanked my brother.

    But, whether these thanks were able to give a pleasant feeling, I do not think so. Members what are your views about this.
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    Why not? It is quite justified. I feel one cannot force another person to help but request help. The friend of your brother asked for the camera and after receiving it he thanked your brother to show his appreciation. We say thank you to somebody not only for helping us but also to praise their efforts. For example, ISC members after facing some issues can post a thread asking the editors to look into the issue and when the issue is resolved they thank the editor. The member is actually requesting the editors to look into the issue otherwise the editors will never know the exact issue and the problem will remain unresolved. Whether you solicit help or get help automatically you must thank the person who is helping you to show your appreciation and that's what the friend of your brother did.

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    There is no thanks and sorry in friendship was the famous dialogue in movie Maine Pyar Kiya of Salman Khan and Bhagya Shree.
    It is the matter of friendship of your brother and his friend. In friendship nothing is important than friendship and mutual trust. If your brother's friend asked for your brother's camera but your brother was hesitant to lend it to him it shows that camera is more important than friendship. Ain't it?
    I understand that it is very difficult situation for a person if his friend asks for any expensive item ,how to say No is not easy.

    Saying thanks is merely done for fomalities. It has no importance, especially when someone doesn't want to lend his costly items to others. If someone is not a close friend you may say NO without any hesitation but if someone is a close friend then a friend should not say NO to his friend if he borrows something to him.

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    Within a family or friends, thanks giving is not a must, just a beautiful smile would do.
    I remember a Malayalam story to share with you all.
    Once a foreigner came to Kerala. He has done something good to someone. In turn, the guy expected something in kind. The clever Kerala guy asked him whether he wanted some cash or Nanri. The Foreigner did not know about the word Nanri. He thought that Nanri would be something better than cash, and he opted for Nanri. The Kerala guy simply said ,"Thank You". When he enquired about Nanri, he was told that Nanri means thanks.

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    I think it is justified. He requested your brother and tried his best to convince him and took the camera. Willingly or unwillingly your brother gave it to his friend. So conveying thanks is justified. If he threatens and forcefully takes the camera and conveys thanks, then it is not justifiable.
    As a matter of fact, when we give with our consent even though thanks is not mentioned by him we never worry. But when he manages to get it from him, if he is not thanking we may feel very bad.
    Some people never understand the inconvenience they are causing to others because of their actions. They think they have every right to behave like that. I also faced many such people many times. I used to get convinced and help them out of the way. But slowly I realised that we should not consider the requests of such people who never bother about the difficulties they are causing to others.

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