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    Evanescence is the quality of some people

    'Where have you disappeared as the horns of donkey evanesced?' It is an adage that is often used about someone, especially, any friend when he is evanesced for a long time. It does not mean that he got evanescent somewhere like Griffin, a singular scientist, in Footprints without feet, an essay of H.G.Wells.
    Another proverb is coming to my mind- 'being a moon of the Eid' is attributed to someone who appears out of thin air after a long time. Such proverbs pop up in a friend circle but I think our elected people who represent us in parliament and assemblies are aptly entitled to such proverbs. They stoop before people and meekly show themselves as servants to all, even to down and out and they bend over backwards. But what an irony that the same meekly servants vanish somewhere without informing their masters. Quite interestingly, the subject is subject, they never fly off the handle.
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    When we see a person after a long time we used to say where are you all these days, you disappeared. This is very common. Some people vanish very quickly from our site and we may not meet them again and again. Some may not like to mix with the people and they may stay aloof. Such people will not come out often and we can't see them.
    A good narration from the author.

    always confident

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    When we like some one and if they are away from us since long time, we get tensed and even go one step further to chide them as to where he was hiding all these years When I had gone to Delhi for sight seeing and settled there for five years without the knowledge of my die hard friends, that time there was no communication like the cell phone and our where about are not known until we are seen personally. And those friends does not know my home address either and thus become mad after searching me. After I came back five years later, some have changed their homes, some have changed their personality and out look. But sighting me after five years gave them full rights to hurl choicest abuse which I cannot forget even today. And those who like us very much only scold and chide us for not being seen for many days.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This is truly such people are surely around us especially in our politics, when they ask for the vote they will appear anywhere every time and request to you for voting them and when they have won the election they do not think to come in front of us because this time they became the moon of Eid. Some selfish or mean people also there in our life, they could be anyone when they need help they will come to us and create an atmosphere so that we can ready to help them and once their need is over they will evanscence.

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