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    What is the depth of love, and how?

    After ten years of marriage, Rebecca and Joachim had no children. So Joachim liked to divorce Rebecca and decided to remarry. He ignored Rebecca's refusal. The day before the divorce, Joachim organized a party for his relatives and friends. He drank much and made a promise to his wife. "When you go to your house, you can take one of your favorite things from here. I will not object." That night, with the help of their maid, Rebecca carried the sleeping Joachim to her home.

    The only way to defeat lovers without compromise is to conquer with utter love. Those who approach for any feasibility will walk away when it is attained or realized that they will not get what they need. Those who love without expecting anything will be with us for the rest of their lives as they have nothing to lose. The smiles on their faces will not fade, by insulted or ignored.

    For those who love because of a reason, they can only love until that reason is relevant. The energy of love is not gratitude, or the usefulness is not the cause of love. The only criterion of love is the energy when accompanying.
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    True love is divine as well as very powerful. When we say true love then it means the love based on faith and respect and not on selfish motives. When a person is devoted to other person in love then nothing can deter him from doing that even if the other person is not happy with the relationship. In an ideal condition the love which is clean and genuine from both the sides is required for a happy life but unfortunately that is not possible in real life situations and then the one who has got the sincerity has to show one's devotion in explicit terms so that the other person realises it and reciprocate to it.
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    True love does not depend upon your consistent offerings to somebody and in turn, you would enjoy love. Love is not conditional if you remember the love of your mother. She did not expect any thing from you as a return for her selfless service. Her love is unparalleled and there are very few persons who can be classified in her category. You can see many mothers deprived of her basic rights on her old age when her son closes his eyes on being tortured by her daughter in law. Her love would not diminish even at this stage. This makes mothers special in terms of showering love to her kids.

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    True love never expects something from the other person except love. A true lover will never hesitate to give whatever the other person asks. Rebecca appears to be a true lover and at any cost, she is not ready to lose her husband.
    One of my distant relatives got married almost 16 years back and lived together in Kerala. They had a daughter also. Now the wife is not staying with him and staying with her window mother. My relative is worried and he is requesting her to come back. But that lady takes money from my relative for her living but never wants to go live with her husband. So there are people of all types.

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    Love is a feeling and it cannot be measured in any way. In many stories, love is depicted in a way so that one can understand how deeply the persons are in love and often we try to compare that kind of love in specific situations. Whether it's love, joy or happiness if it's conditional it will not stay long and if there is no condition attached to it it will stay intact.

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    There is no compromise in true love. I have seen many couples living without children and take the situation to their stride and does not blame each other. And here is the real story. One of my tenant was from the North India and he was residing in our portion for three years. He had two boys and one girl child. When they were not having children from long years they adopted elder boy. Soon the younger one and the girl child were born. But both of the them has shown same care and share with the elder boy and that boy also never had the difference with the two children. What I mean to stress here that not having children is not the curse, one has to take the life as it comes in and God will show the ways and means to get satisfied and get going. The author has once again raised a very good thread which is out of both thought.
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    A very lovely story has been shared by the author, it is true that true love is your strength but you have to take that love to that level when your relationship is not due to any selfishness. When you really love someone, then you do not consider it a part of your life but life itself and in such a situation, the thought of getting away from him/her should not come into your mind because when we are living we do not think about dying. It is not a good thing to force someone into a relationship, but keeping yourself tied with this person is a different way to show.

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