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    Life is full of evanescent moments

    We know that in life everything is impermanent. Life is evanescent and things become evanescent like dreams as soon as you wake up. A child when getting a new toy s/he will become very happy. This happiness is evanescent and will go in just a few days. Nothing is permanent in life. Everything that arises will pass away also. Time elopes but even a moment may change your life. In fact, life is full of evanescent moments which may cherish your life. But still, we remember them for a longer time. When we go to a place we see several evanescent moments which we can see only and can capture in camera and can enjoy later by watching them.

    We cannot have caught a moment for full life but we can live that moment so that its memory will be kept for longer. We should try to enjoy every moment of life and fill colour in life like a rainbow which is colourful, gives sparkles to eyes and becomes evanescent. Everything must be taken positively then only one can live a happy life because Life is full of evanescent moments.

    My entry for the Topic based TOW contest for June '21- topic-'Evanescence'
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    I agree that nothing is permanent. All the beautiful -- people, places, scenes, friendship relationships, moments etc everything will disappear and nobody can stop them from evanescence as it is not in our hands.
    But every beautiful place which we see or every beautiful moment we live and every beautiful relationship we cherish should be changed as amazing assets in our lives.
    Life is wonderful. Every day it opens new avenues and creates new opportunities and invites new challenges to face. We get good news or happy news or bad, every moment has its own charm that enchants us and snatches our hearts or made us engrossed in them. Some moments make us forget even ourselves- who we are or what we are or why we are here.
    Each moment is ticking will leave us empty-handed. We shall have nothing in our possession. Everyone will leave us in the lurch and, of course, each of us is included in this list of deserters and desertees. We can do nothing because it is an old trend- ages long trend, who can go against this whole dispensation? None.
    Evanescence is the destination of everything which exists in an ephemeral world. So, keep your eyes open and enjoy every moment sharing happiness among all and sundry before anything or anybody evanesced.

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    Changes will always be there in our lives in a continuous pace whether we like them or not. Many things would be coming our way as temporary events and soon it would be replaced by another event. The flow of time is only in one direction which is the forward direction and the happenings get erased from the present as time progresses ahead. This is the way this goes on changing with time bringing newer situations in our lives. Once we understand that nothing is of permanent nature in this world then we might appreciate the ways of nature in a better way.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Today it may be new, tomorrow it will be old and the day after tomorrow it may disappear. This is the way of life. Today we are happy and we don't how we will tomorrow. Nothing is permanent and everything is evanescent. That is true.
    But as per Hindu mythology, Atma is permanent. It may change our bodies like we change dresses. We have a have chance to clean the dress, iron it and then use it again. But this body can't be used again. The body is having only one birth but Atma is having many births and finally, it will get amalgamated with the Almighty. This is life.
    Sometimes we feel that moments should be there permanently in our life but we know it is not possible. Let us hope that Corona is not permanent. Today it is there but will evanescent shortly.

    always confident

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