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    Evanescence leads to nostalgia

    Everyone experiences some moments of evanescence in life. It is nothing unusual to forget any statement, an event, a tiff, or a sudden loving experience absolutely after a short time. Maybe it is natural as it helps people move ahead because constantly remembering some happenings lead people to experience emotional weakness.

    The days of receiving letters seem to be numbered now because of the usage of advanced technologies. Still, they who had or have the habit of preserving letters forget the written matter certainly after some time. The preserver's life moves on gradually without even recollecting the subject matter of the letter. After the lapse of some more time, the recipients even forget that they had preserved some particular letters. The letters that were stored affectionately actually are a bundle of emotions, so when once again, the preserver suddenly gets hold of the letters, then it becomes a nostalgic moment.

    Even we know that in life, everyone goes through some sweet and bitter experiences. All tend to forget the entire episode, or most of it naturally after a short passage of time. Suddenly a similar experience can make a person recollect the past incidence, which once again hits the emotional cord. So, life is all about experiencing, forgetting and remembering the incidents, which preach that emotional evanescence makes people nostalgic.

    My submission for the TOW Contest June '21
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    Forgetting the issues is a gift given by God to us. If we remember everything forever, our worries will become more and our mind will never concentrate on the issue on hand. As a matter of fact, forgetting nature heals our worries and sorrows. When there is a dispute between the people if we remember that forever we will be enemies forever. But slowly we forget them and we may move together. Some sweet moments will always be stored in our deep inside and once in a while they will be surfacing out and make us happy. Similarly, some moments if we remember we may get worried. These things are very normal in the lives of many of us.
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    As always a very good thread connected to the TOW topic, the author has given, good or bad feelings are feelings and are an important part of almost everyone's life, it is completely true that when a person tries to forget the feelings, he pushes himself towards indifference. . Memories are both good and bad, and sometimes bad memories come together with good memories, so it is difficult to run away from them. The better solution is to accept the feelings and memories and do not try to run away from them.

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    Rightly said by the author some past experiences may be good and bitter, but as soon as we recollect the same we goes into the weak nostalgia and some times the emotions runs down the eyes. I have seen some people going into their room closing the door for a while , living into the past and then coming back to the present. Some would get greater satisfaction on sharing their past pains and agony so that they gets lots of solace and satisfaction. Nevertheless , we are not the saints and sadhus to forget the bad happenings of past. Though we might have left the past happenings behind , somewhere or the other the same would keep on lingering in our mind. Like the death of the parents, the death of the brother or sister and even the death of the grand parents would bother us very much as they were loving us so fondly.
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