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    Evanescent mirage of might and money.

    In this materialistic world, we all are running towards money. Money is becoming everything and lifelong we toil ourselves to have materialistic gains. For this, we forget everything steps by step. First, we become careless towards our health and use it without taking proper rest which becomes the cause of ill health one day. Then after we start leaving our friends and relatives. Even this money is outshining our close bondings. In short, our body starts behaving in a way that this money is everything for it and it is running insanely towards it. Finally, a day comes in our life when we reach our goal, i.e. money. When we open our gift of money, it contains one more gift which is might. We start feeling that we are the mightiest of all and forget our last companion, by whom's virtue we can get these precious gifts, i.e. almighty. That day our destruction starts and we are left with nothing but to lament all alone with no relatives, no friends and not even the good with us. Hence, money and might are evanescent. It does not handle with care then one day one will say, "God please return my happiness and family as without them this money is of no use" but the irony is that these thoughts are also evanescent.
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    The author has well connected the tow topic with that of push and pull concept through which this world has been moving on fast phase. By push here mean the mighty muscle power or the recommendations through which some people are benefited to get their work done as their known people are at the decision making places and thus proved to be very beneficial. And the pull means Paisa pheko tamasha dekho, that implies with money power except the death person cannot come alive but other things can be done with ease. And those are helpless and not having any connections in high areas, they are purely relying on their own strength of earning money for the present and the secured future. One thing is sure the more one wants to earn money, the more he must be prepared to face the consequences in life for future.
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    True. The thoughts of the author are really good. When we have money and power we are powerful in our life. We think we can do anything and everything. We never care for anybody. Sometimes we may forget the Almighty also. We think that everything is in our control. But we never know that this money and might are evanescent.
    But when we lose our money and energy, when we are sick and when we are not well we remember God and pray to Him. But when we are well and having the energy we should help others and keep faith in God so that we will get Divine help when we are in need.

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    A very beautiful idea has been presented by the author, God has given us the biggest gift of life in the form of this human body and after that our own people with whom we have been sharing our life, these are our family, friends all includes. .
    When a man comes into the world as a small child, he is able to understand only two things, firstly, the need for nourishment of the body for which he starts crying when he is hungry, and secondly, the soft feeling of his own people's voice and touch, which gives him peace. But when the same child grows up, it starts forgetting both these important parts for money and reduces the value. The protection and attention of both the body and the loved ones are very important. Earning money is an important element but should not run behind it by letting your heath and loved ones behind.

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