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    If five hour work rule made, can that be more productive ?

    Presently the world has been following and benefited through eight hour work rule be it a manufacturing or the IT sector. But it has been noticed that eight hour is too stretching for the modern people who wants things done to be fast and they are experts too. Some companies wants to implement five hour work rule with fixed task and no disruptions or distractions at the work so that set targets are completed and the employees let off to the homes. Are you ready to accept five hour work rule and how best you can cope up ?
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    What the author is suggesting may be applicable to IT sectors or for some different offices but for the industries, it may not be applicable in some areas. I was closely associated with the working of steel industry. In case of tapping of hot metal from the furnace, it was necessary to check the final composition of the metal with respect to Manganese, Silicon, Phosphorus, Sulphur etc in the periodic interval. Hot metals are ejected out after four every four hours and composition of the constituents as indicated above need close monitoring with the chemical analysis or spectrography where changing of staff of every five hours would need additional man - power to operate the system. Even for the maintenance of the equipments, the time for the maintenance has to be curtailed so that it could be handed over to the operation department earliest possible.
    Such monitoring on the system is also needed for the other manufacturing industries forcing the employers to maintain additional man - power, which they would not like to do for the additional economical burden.

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    This is an interesting proposition and may be useful in some limited way but in a country like ours where huge manpower is ready for doing anything at any remuneration for any number of hours, this might not yield good results. Frankly speaking, we have to go for shift system everywhere and employ more people even if we have to reduce the present remunerations. The policy should not be to employ less people and give them huge salaries, that would bring dissatisfaction among the masses. Actually there are situations where we have to generate employment by overlapping shifts and creating special working sessions for the unemployed people even on the holidays when regular people as their right do not come for duties. This would require a holistic approach rather than thinking for a group of highly efficient people who can finish their work in less time and leave the work place.
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    This is not possible in the manufacturing industry. There, especially in processing industries, we can't reduce the processing time and sometimes the shift times may be stretched to complete the process. But it may be possible in the IT industry or office administration. Even in IT industry I am seeing nobody strictly adhere to 8 hours. Always there will be a stretch in time.
    The total working hours in a week should be 48 hours as per shops and establishments rules and labour department. That is why in 5 days a week working the working hours per day are more than 8 hours and roughly per day the official working hours are 9.5 hours per day.
    Task-based working may be acceptable to the employers but 5 hours may not be acceptable. Because the work output will drastically reduce and no work will be completed. It will be very difficult for the works to get done in government offices if the working hours are reduced to 5 hours per day.

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