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    Let choose the path that suits you best.

    It is futile to want everyone to walk in self-trained ways. There will be many ways, and all the roads will have their advantages and disadvantages. The first responsibility of the trainer is to find ways and means that are suitable for the student. Parents who believe and insist that their children follow the same paths they have walked, and the teachers who think that the way they teach is the most effective, are selfish and deny freeways. Their trust is only in their old ways. They are often acquainted with only one way. They will be ignorant with getting to know and guiding them.

    If one road is closed, there will be a hundred ways left. Those who know many ways to reach the same destination can only claim the diversity of the journey and the satisfaction of reaching the goal. Those who know only one trick will stand still where that trick fails. They do not even think about the other path because they are ignorant or unsure they become successful. There is no such thing as a way for everyone to win or a road for everyone to fail. The winners are the ones who find another way that suits them while closing each of the familiar ways. There will be at least one suitable way for everyone. Do not end the journey until you reach that path.
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    For a distance, from a given point, there may be many routes. Some routes may be good for people going by walk. Some may be suitable for two wheelers and some may be good four wheelers. Again for walking or going on scooter or going on car also there may be more than one route. One can choose the path he wanted. Even google map also shows many routes and we can select the one we wanted.
    No parent should insist their children to select the path they like. But they should be given their choice. But the parents should caution the children, the problems if any in the process they select and final choice should be left to the child.
    There will be definitely likes and dislikes to everyone. They will vary from person to person. So everybody should explore all the possible paths and select the best the like. If the information is required we can search for it, study and then decide.

    always confident

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    A nice thread is given by the author. Unless a person chooses a new path, he will not do anything new, that is why the importance of new paths is very much. Some people will always tell you to come forward on your path because according to them it is right but the path always moves forward when there is no end to it, so how do you choose right or wrong. By following others, sometimes we stay behind them. By choosing our own path, we have to move forward with a laurel of confidence because on that path we ourselves are the passengers and our guides too. When there are any difficulties on the way, instead of panic, we should accept them as challenges, maybe we will get a gift after passing every challenge. And these gifts or surprises motivate us to make our own way more. So choose your way and if there is no path for you that you find good, then make a new path for yourself.

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