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    Soon to come-Animals teachers, humans students

    My thoughts are agitated for last many months about the eroding positive values and exceeding negative and destructive nature of human beings. This is because of the streams of bad news coming in media. This thread is prompted by the two recent news reports that I briefly narrate below.

    In one report, which is still under investigation, a woman allegedly disposed her newborn child at a waste dump. Recovery of the infant's dead body led to the case under investigation. As there was no clue, it took many months and DNA tests on all suspects, which led to arrest of a woman who confessed to the crime. Reportedly she did this to live happily with her paramour. The case appears very complicated and may take more time to come to conclusion. Another report was about a few men hanging a dog with a fishing hook and torturing it to death. It was ironical that someone shot the video, but not bothered to rescue the dog.
    Same day I saw a video clip where in a Monkey is seen fondling and kissing an old woman laid up due to illness. It was reported that the old woman was giving food to this Monkey every day , and not seeing her for past few days, it came all the way to her home, found her laid up and showed its affection and sympathy by patting her, hugging her, kissing her and left after a while.

    Sometime earlier I saw a video clip of 'Heroic monkey: Monkey saves 'dying' friend at train station in India" Ironically here also humans shot the video, but not bothered to rescue the animal, but the concerned fellow animal saved its life.

    There are many such news reports coming continuously nowadays.

    So it makes me feel that humans are very fast losing their innate human kindness and other finer sentiments. A day may come very soon (God forbid that) when there will not be any kindness, humanness, fellow affection and other human values and sentiments left in humans.

    Our academic institutions may have to appoint animals from the jungle to teach human values (rather natural animal values then) in our schools and colleges. Our ancestors are being proved very early-Kaliyug is showing its characteristics.
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    A very nice thought. Many incidents that are taking place around are making us to come to such conclusions. The ethics and values are not having any importance these days. Money and lust are over riding all other important issues.
    Definitely a tiger never think of killing another tiger. A monkey will never it's child and escape. That is sure. But human being will never hesitate to kill another human being. I know a lay who lest her husband, two sons and went away with another person. So animals are definitely having better values and ethics than human beings.
    As mentioned by the author our next generations may have to learn from animals about ethics and values.
    Now itself we are seeing people without any human values and kindness.
    A 60 years old

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    The author has beautifully explained the bond of a human and animal, this is also true that animals and nature can be the best teachers of our life but to learn something from them a human should leave his ego and feeling of superiority behind and then go with their learnings or lessons. These days I am reading a book named " Your Destination has Arrived" from BARRY CHEEMA, this book also belongs to a dog's story who lives and human life due to some circumstances, this is a lovely book and definitely one should read it. It will help you to understand the bond of animals, nature, and us.

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    @Swati#736024, our traditional wisdom as taught by our ancient Rishis and Acharyas is that to get a human form birth the soul has to undergo many births and deaths. Human life is a blessed form and a human being is expected to do good deeds ( punya karma) to attain a stage of no further birth or Moksha. So it is not incredible to believe that a dog gets human form in its next birth.
    A soul gets a new form of birth as per its karma in the earlier birth.

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    The human values are no more regarded and respected and the way the new born was dumped in the dustbin is the heinous crime just because the baby was the little girl child. Over the past few years we are coming across such news where the new born has been discarded. A women just left the new born in a temple, in Tamil Nadu and that was really pathetic as there are many to come forward and adopt. During this covid period many small children are orphaned and many are ready to adopt them. I have seen a video in which a small child was not allowed to climb the stairs by the pet dog and the care it takes in the absence of the parents is more than adorable and to be appreciated. In fact I receive so many animal videos which depicts great human values and some animals make the human being shame with their acts.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Due to the selfish and materialistic environment all around us we are losing our precious human values and becoming indifferent to all that happening in this world. This degradation of human thinking and change in the traditional pattern is definitely a matter of concern and the author has rightly reflected it in his detailed post. What can we do to regain these losing characteristics in the humans that is affecting the social patterns and relations to a great extent? I think one of the most important thing is that we must inculcate in our new generation some cultural attributes and take care of them in such a fashion that they get some good feelings and sentiments in them. If people take this on a large scale we can at least avoid our new generation to go in wrong direction and also avoid adopting cruel and bad practices. We all should attempt in that direction and that is I feel our last hope for revival of our old values.
    Knowledge is power.

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    There has been gradual erosion of the human values and this can be seen discarding their own child placing him/ her in a dustbin or in a temple area. The causes may be different but such types of activities indicate the cruelty of human being. These children are unwanted definitely for some ladies giving birth of a child still unmarried but where is the mistake of that infant having taken delivery?
    While observing the behaviour of animals, we need to learn a lot more about the affection and love these animals are showing to their masters in the event of their death. Sometimes we have seen horses have met with the tragic death, the moment its master is dead.

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    In the present situation, it seems quite impossible. The reason is the online classes. Teachers are conducting classes online and exams are also held online. So, the animals have to learn to provide online training to become teachers. By the way, we do everything nowadays for a reason. Even when it comes to taking care of somebody many people think of what they will get in return. Since childhood children are trained in a way where they are told to do things that will give them value in return. Unfortunately, kindness, compassion, etc are kept aside and hence they fail to value them.

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