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    Does Internet eating up your precious time in the guise of wrong browsing ?

    We all are now more habituated to consult the internet for any doubts and in that process we chance up on searching for information and goes to the branch matters which are not that important and there by forgetting our main topic and we may end up wasting time on wrong information. No doubt what ever mentioned on the internet is authentic and be taken us granted but we do have more precious time to waste on useless information. What is your say on this subject? Do you really feel the internet eating up your precious time ?
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    Any development that is taking place in this world will definitely have some good and some bad effects on human beings. How you use it for your benefit is the prerogative of the individual. The Internet brought a sea change in our lives. All information is just in your finger touch and you need not spend hours together. Whatever you wanted will be available.
    We use it for many issues. We want it for online transactions. We want it for a literature survey. We want it for music and we want for knowing about any unknown subject. You can communicate with anybody in any corner of the world. You can send information to anybody you wanted. But if somebody wastes his time in browsing unwanted issues, it is his interest and it is his time,
    I never go for unnecessary browsing on this internet. I use it only for necessary usage. But I say many people got benefitted with this internet and now information passage has become very easy.

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    Whatever is available on the internet is not authentic so for some information the search may be a bit longer than usual. For a piece of news, you may visit the websites of authentic news channels but for others, at times you need to verify the authenticity. If one searches for some information and ends up somewhere else through searching it is not the fault of the internet. Rather, the user did it wilfully. When you have not many things to do you may surf the internet and visit different websites but when you are using the internet for a specific purpose you need to stick to that purpose.

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    The author has rightly said that nowadays we are dependent on the internet even for the smallest information. Even many of our daily chores depend on the internet. In such a situation, there is a lot of content available to entice every person in this internet world, which often leads the person astray, thereby wasting a lot of time.
    Some time ago I also had a thread that expresses this tendency. That thread was :

    How to abandon falling down the social media, streaming media, and worldwide web rabbit hole?
    So it has become very necessary that we take as much information as we want and try to save our time.


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    Truly said by the author, I agree with it often we wanted to search information and we start to search it on the internet but during this time may we can distract by some other interesting information that may not be related to our this topic but at the same time we find it interesting and fee to read about it. For this, one should have to control their work timing on the internet and while searching for any particular detail then try to focus on that only, because definitely, it will consume lots of your pricious time.

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