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    The avalanche of bad deeds

    It is said that one bad deed leads to other bad deed and the first person who has started it might not understand its seriousness but it is sometimes too disastrous and ends in a bad situation. We have seen in the society many times that in the fit of anger someone starts fighting and even physically attacks a person and then that person also gets angry and fights back and then some people join them from either side and soon a big mess is seen. Why such things happen is that no one is ready to think calmly and patiently about the problem and just starts copying the bad thing without considering its pros and cons. We have become so much impatient that if someone has done a bad thing we also feel that we should also do it because if police could not catch him then we are also safe and would not be caught and punished for those bad actions. If some kids or children do like that we can forgive them saying that they were not matured enough but adults doing this is really surprising and not acceptable. God has given all of us a good mind with wise corners and we have to use our brain before taking up any such actions otherwise that would eventually lead to avalanche of bad deeds.
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    Unfortunately we are surrounded by bad people more in the guise of well educated and caring persons in front of us and naturally we get bowled and influenced by their advise and sayings and we do not even think that that they are inducing us to the bad habits. For example during the college days the students who have the cigarette puffing bad habit would certainly induce his close friends to have the puff casually and he says one or two puff does not matter the health nor considered as the bad habit. And this inducing in a convinced way would make the person slowly to change the casual habit to the die hard habit and soon becomes the chain smoker. Now the person who has first introduced to cigarette is no more seen or remembered but his legacy of bad habit being transformed to others would continue until a far reaching thought emerges.
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    One should use hid wisdom before doing a bad deed. If a person does a bad deed and the police have not punished him. But when we do something police may catch hold of us. We can't say to the police that as the other man did that we are also doing. One more thing we should remember is that somebody will be watching us and we will definitely experience the repercussions of bad deeds if not immediately, maybe after some time.
    If a person is going out without a mask, we should not go without a mask. He may be lucky and he may not get infected. But we may get infected. So we have to be careful about our benefit only. Never follow others for bad deeds.

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    We need not encourage others for bad practice nor should we indulge ourselves in such habits. We may be tempted to follow others indulged in the bad habits. There are some passengers interested to travel some destination without having a proper ticket but they would half of the price of the ticket to ticket chequer to allow him for the journey and the same is witnessed by his son. The son has seen how his father has managed the journey. This bad practice does not stop here itself. Son will do the similar thing whenever he gets a chance. So we need to be careful if indulged in bad practice, this will cause bad repercussions for others.

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    Totally agree with the author, just as when a person lei he/she has to tell more lies to hide one lie and the layer of these lies are building a character of the person, in the same way when people do the bad deed they may feel good or bad whatever but to hide it sometimes they can do more and more bad deeds. There is an unseen chain that has been created among the people who follow bad deeds. One should not follow such people who practice bad karmas because their negative energy will affect your energy too, but unfortunately we will find such people more in this world.

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