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    Break from bad habits, you are already transformed

    By virtue of our close relations in the society with many we may be induced to some bad habits out of compulsions and we cannot question the person inducing us to bad doing as the situation sometimes demand us to be with the company of bad elemets for a while. But we always have consciousness within us to decide what is good and bad and we have the right and compulsion to break away from the wrong habits. By doing so we are already on the transformed path of recovering and there need not special tutorial from others to mend our ways.
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    Unless otherwise you are convinced nobody can force you. If you have a little inclination that can be made bigger by other persons by pressurising you. But if you have no inclination, it is very difficult for somebody to force you. We should not become slaves to the habits. We should be able to control them. But habits should not control us. That power we should have.
    Once or twice if we are under pressure and we did some bad acts, we can't call them habits. Habits are the acts that we perform regularly. Bad habits may cause us many losses. We may lose money and we may lose our health also. So we should not get into bad habits.

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    When a person starts to identify himself, then he understands many good and many shortcomings in himself, he sees these shortcomings as his bad habits because changing them is within our own control. It has been rightly said by the author that when we come into some kind of company that includes bad habits, then perhaps we also unconsciously fall prey to those habits, but as soon as we realize this, get away from that bad habit. It is wise to go. It is a great thing when a person recognizes his bad habits and removes himself from them.

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    When someone understands that some habits are bad I hope the person also takes the remedial measures to give up those habits. If one fails to do so then their well-wishers will always ask them to mend their ways and its usual. Either one realises the mistakes of her/his own or others help them to realize. Ultimately, it is the person who realises and hence the willingness to transform is in the hands of the particular person only.

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    Many people commit bad deeds either due to falling in bad company or due to their own inherent nature and both the situations are not good in anyone's life. While growing up we catch some bad traits and bad habits unknowingly and slowly they become a part of our personality and we start committing offences and bad deeds under their spell. Breaking from those old habits is not so easy as we contemplate sometimes. It requires a strong will power, determination, and will to change and then only one can get some success and achieve that transformation. Experts suggest many methods and there are many theories as how to change oneself and get rid of the bad part from us but no theory works unless the individual desires it strongly and makes all out effort in that direction. There are instances and stories in the history of the world where some bad people changed themselves drastically and became the great saints and teachers of their time. It is definitely a difficult task but we must give it a try to transform ourselves from the bad to the good.
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