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    It becomes a little difficult to maintain yourself always.

    In general, when one talks too much, it is explained to him by people that talk a little less and be a little less social, on the other hand, when someone talks too little, he is asked, why don't you talk to everyone, be a little social. , that means it always requires a balance. There are other instances in which you should neither be too fast nor too slow in the parameters of how to do a particular task, always a balance is necessary everywhere.

    Many times such questions keep coming up in society when it becomes difficult to understand and it seems that even if you do so, then there is a problem, or if you don't do this then also there is a problem. Is it such a difficult task to make society happy and can society not accept a person as he/she is naturally? Please share your thoughts.
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    The fault finders are many around us. When we behave in the frame they are not happy and wants us to more out spoken and when are more detailing we are criticized for overtures. This is the natural expectation from the crowd and we have to be ourselves to prove that we are within the limits. Every one of us are bestowed with one talent or the other and we have to concentrate on the same from the beginning so that proficiency maintained in the same profession. We should not divert attention to other proficiency else we may loose our identity. Just now I was watching a performance of morsing by a blind person promoted on a singing competition and that was the great honor for the person who was entertaining others on the road or train. Morsing is the wonderful instrument not every one would be proficient with,
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    Balance in every act of our life is very important. Go on talking is not good and at the same time not talking is also is not desirable. When somebody is talking we should inculcate the habit of hearing. Once he stops talking we can start talking. Interfering is also not good.
    Some people will have the habit of spending more and some people will never spend even on necessities also. Both are not correct. We should not waste money and at the same time, we should not be a miser. We should have a balance there also. Almost in all aspects of life, we should maintain a balance.
    Whatever we do there may be people who will find fault with you. You can't satisfy everybody. So we need not worry about such people. But we should think about ourselves and should maintain a balance in all aspects of our lives.

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    It's quite interesting but don't try to make society happy. You can make someone happy but not everybody. Balancing is required when you have to manage all kinds of people and at the same time, you shouldn't dance to their tunes. Every task has its own process and everyone can do the same thing in their own way. If it's your task no need to worry about what others are saying. If it's something common then many will suggest many ways but the person carrying out the task has to concentrate on the task rather than listening to what every other person is saying.

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    It doesn't matter what people say. I think if one believes in himself how much to speak or not to speak, it is his personal matter. Yes, if that person has any doubt in his mind and he is not able to solve it then he can take advice from someone whom he trusts.

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    We should maintain balance in our approach. We have seen many people talking always but would not listen to other party. If you come across such type of people, you will feel frustrated with his association. In that situation, you should keep yourself mum otherwise the situation would turn mockery. Forgetting to maintain balance while we talk and listening to other party at the same time should be followed always to make interaction interesting. There are the people in the society finding faults with you whatever you do but it hardly matters if you know your limit. It is always better to believe in your self maintaining balance in all activities.

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    This is true that we can make everyone's happy but it becomes more difficult when you surrounded by people who pursuing a judging nature.

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