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    Do we learn to observe or just observe?

    You may have observed a couple of things today and learnt something from the close observation. It is not necessary that you have to learn something from the observation and it may be just an observation on certain activities. Now while discussing some observation with somebody else the person might have told you to observe it from a particular viewpoint to gather some knowledge and the next time you followed it and gathered a bit of information. You may say that you have learnt how to observe the thing and can guide others on how to observe the thing to gather knowledge.

    Since our childhood, we learn a lot of things from others and this learning is a continuous process. Just think about learning any language. We learn it by following the way others write or speak the language and depending upon our interest we can progress further. While learning is a synthesis of the coordination of various senses and certain actions observation is something perceptual that cannot be taught through a process. The mind plays an important role to perceive things. In this situation is it possible to learn how to observe?
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    By observing closely the things around you , there are every chance of spotting some thing difference and that can be interpreted in the own way. For that matter I am keep observer and there is a park behind my house and a room in which had the unfinished painting work and the peel of painting from my home kitchen window looked like a Ganesh image painted on it. My observation was so right that others also agreed that what I said is right. Some times when I watch the trees closely some image or the other could be noticed and I really admire it. What I feel that we must draw conclusions on observing things and not just observing. Just observing is the waste exercise instead one can spend the same time on other useful works. Your close observation should infer something or the other and that should be authenticated by others.
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    Many people observe many things. But the impressions got by observing will vary from person to person. The points a person gather by observing something will be based on the knowledge the person is having. The people who learn by observing should spend a little more time in observation and note down the points. Such a person will learn many things by simple observation.
    Some people will casually observe and they can't learn anything from their observations. Observing for the sake of observing is of no use. That may be a time waste. Sometimes when we observe something very closely we may find some faults also and we can highlight so that necessary arrangements can be made to avoid those faults also.

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    A nice thread has been given by the author. Our observation depends on our demands or liking or disliking, if one should want to learn some good habits then he may observe those habits, on the other hand, others can observe bad habits also. Learning with observation is a simultaneous process. Observation is a process that concluded many things and sometimes it feels like we observe all the time all the things or people around us. Sometimes people observing animals also and definitely understand what they try to say or do. Observation will be there when we try to understand or learn something.

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