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    Break from routine give time to learn new things

    If you say that you are successful at the end of the day for having finished the task and no pending work, that would not suffice. What you have learned new for the day and how it was useful in future is the catch. It may be small information, some additional knowledge or knowing something which was not known previously. For that we need not do a research. Just take few minutes out from the routine and that break is enough to learn new things out of our own interest and ability on the things happening around us.
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    That all depends on the interest of the individual and the time he had. A person is very busy with his routine work and not able to have his food also in time, how he can find time to have a break and learn new things? He will get exhausted and he may rest immediately after work and he may not have any more energy to hang on.
    Some individuals will not have any interest in knowing new things or understanding new subjects. When there is no interest they will not try any further and simply they will spend the time chitchatting with the people around. So for anybody to learn something interest to learn is very important.

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    absolutely correct, I agree with the author that we should learn something new every day, not just spend a day doing daily routine works. When we learn something we find a newness within us that motivates us and inspired us to do something new with new energy. Daily routine work is at their place but by doing them in the same way on daily basis it becomes our habit and our mind also prepared itself as per daily work so there is nothing feel like a new but when we adopt changes even in our routine task than our mind accepts it as a challenge and try to understand that method for this it improves itself and we got new energy in ourselves.

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    I agree with the author that we should have some passion to learn some new things daily to come out boredom. This will rather create stimulation and can provide mental satisfaction with such an interest. There is no harm to learn ten English Words daily with its appropriate usage. Initially it would not appear encouraging but your improvement can be seen within six months because of your single minded devotion.

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    Every moment in our lives is a learning time. An enthusiastic and keen learner knows that and utilises the specs of time in that pursuit. One of our colleagues told us that tea breaks are for information exchange and if we use that time properly in discussing about the various important information like procedures in different offices, addresses of agencies where we have some work, important phone numbers, other people's experiences with various doctors and the list is endless, then we all can be benefited by that and the time would be utilised in that information assimilation and does not go waste in chit-chatting or criticising others. So, the point brought out by the author in this post is very relevant that breaks can be used constructively even pondering oneself about the learnings made during the occupied hours.
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    Having worked one's head off or toiled a person hardly gets time to learn something new and practically, it is not feasible too. This life teaches us new lessons every day, how much we grasp out of it depends on our interest, heedness and availability of time. People around us teach us by their statements, activities, experience, habits etc. New chapters open before our eyes, practically we have never been in touch with them but they change our outlook, our thoughts, our sayings and doings. We begin to think about this world from a different perspective. Our personality gets changed too.

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    Everyone wants a little rest after working hard all the day. Then there is little desire to learn new things or not having the time also. There seems to be no end to our learning, so we should give ourselves time for our own. As you learn new things throughout your life, think about how many things you have become acquainted with and learned so far. So I couldn't agree with the author. But if I agreed, I could think of something bigger. Because after the days works ,if I could learn some extra, it will be more benefitable for me. But everyone's has some limited ability, may be I am one of them. So enjoy yourself for that time to get a break.
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    Even in failures and faulter we learn something from each happening.
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