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    Whatever wrong or bad has happened in your life, do not let it happen to others.

    If you are going on a road where the road is closed due to some kind of traffic or any reason, then naturally you will start returning on the same path, and you will advise anyone who meets you on the way that doesn't go because the road is closed. This is a very common example that we often find, in this, some people tell you that the road is closed, but there are some people who want you to come back the way they had to come back, by doing this, they feel happy.

    There are many more incidences that happen in our life, some people try that what happened to them badly, they will not do the same to others, but there are some people who avenge their injustice through bothers an innocent person. With that, they feel self-satisfied. Whatever happened to us, if we find it, then perhaps for this incident, our weakness may be the most important factor behind this, but if we feel happy seeing the same wrong happening to others, then it will be considered cowardice, not weakness.

    Try not to let wrong happen to yourself too, but still if something bad happens then don't do the same wrong to anyone else and don't let it happen.
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    It is good to advise somebody about the problems you have faced so that the other person may avoid such a situation while he was doing similar jobs. When we are going on the road if we see any two-wheeler to four-wheeler with inflated tyres we will advise the driver about that so that no damage will happen to the vehicle or the person going in the vehicle. But not telling them and seeing the fun if somebody got hurt because of that is inhuman. As human beings, we should be ready to share our experiences with others for their benefit. It is good even t one person learned from your advice. One should never feel that others also should as you suffered.
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    Good advise from the author. Last year there was heavy down pour and at the entrance of Osmania University gate circle, the road was sliperry as some vehicles oil got leaked and that made scooterist to skid and fall on the ground and that happened to me also. Immediately some people has put barricades taken from the Univesity gate to avoid driving through that road and take diversion. Even I was advicing the oncoming vehicles to take other routes as the road was badly skidding. It is our duty to educate others if some bad thing happened to us. Thanks to the author for this piece of advice.
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    The author has presented a noble thought through this post. Only kind and good natured people would be adhering to these practices of warning others about the mistakes or problems that they had faced. If someone can be benefited by our experience then what is wrong in that. In fact people should try to inculcate these good things in themselves and if most of us follow this doctrine the society will become a good place for living in a cordial and happy environment. There are some people who do not share their experiences of failures fearing that people would mock them. I think they should come out of this apprehension and think in the interest of the community and society where they reside. We should always come forward in helping people to learn from our failures and there is nothing to be felt lowly about this noble thought.
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    It is definitely a good advice of the author that we should disclose the mistakes committed by us in doing a job so that the others could be benefited by not repeating the same. Suppose in case of taking admission in a college, the cut off point for a particular subject has not been achieved by your son for the degree course and you are advised by someone to offer him Rs 5000/- for the admission but later, you came to know that you have been cheated.
    Disclosing this event to others in the mob would definitely benefit them and you must share such information without thinking that you have been mocked. Keep this thing in mind whatever you have experienced bad or otherwise, make it a point to share with the public for their benefits with your past experience.

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