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    Are we becoming good typists along with writers?

    I have been working as a content writer for almost one year and in this one year I have seen a lot of changes in my writing style, even my thinking has also changed along with my writing. Now I can think of my thoughts in a broader way. Every day I am learning something from myself and other people, both, in a digital world and in the real world. This chain of ideas was earlier known to be confined to paper only but now almost every written in the online world is part of the internet. I have noticed there has been a tremendous change in my typing speed over the year, it has increased much more than before. It is felt that along with the writer, a typist is also improving itself.
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    In any area, the proficiency and expertise come with practice and more the frequency of an activity more the speed of doing that increases. This is the fundamental premises on which academic development takes place. In earlier times, writers either used the manual typewriter which was of course very cumbersome as there was no editing facility or wrote by hand on some loose papers and then at the end of the writing checked it and made a fair copy for sending it to the publisher. Today we are doing it in the most advanced way even by speech to text methods sitting cosily at a place. In future when speech to text applications become more sophisticated and useful, people might forget typing, though typing will remain still important in many respect, especially some legal or authentication and confidential matters. Anyway it is also true that most of us have got increased typing speeds as a by product of our writing adventures.
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    Swati, many people who were born and brought up before the nineties will definitely relish this thread of yours.
    Till the nineties Typewriter was an essential item in any office and many homes too.
    Only after the PCs became prevalent typewriters started vanishing. In typewriter or typewriting, the word writing and writer are embedded and not separated. Typewriter used to be the constant companion of writers and journalists,
    As for improvement, ' practice maketh one perfect' is always is true.

    For a writer having a good vocabulary is strength. Vocabulary and knowledge of grammar makes writing better. In the pre-personal computer days, career typists, copywriters and writers too had a dictionary with them to use as and when needed. Many ordinary people who had only basic school education also acquired good language skills by constant practice.

    While thought process is natural and comes easy to anyone in his own ways, to put i in paper in black and white is a really difficult task. A writer becomes effective only when the reader gets fully what the writer wanted to convey. A writer has also to convince the reader about his own thoughts in the writing. Words play the real part here. Use of apt words, the style and flow, simplicity or complexity of phrases, and the whole syntax have their own impact in the writing and its effectiveness.

    It is nice that you feeling the improvement in your writing. The improvement is to be continuous and consistent. For that not only the output is to be improved, but even the inputs for thoughts also to be improved. That come with reading other good writings, epics, classics ,popular writings etc etc-as there are infinite resources available.

    You are also true when you hint about ISC i helping this improvement. Let us hope to get more quality contributions from you in ISC.

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    Swati, just one frank admission. I am one who had not learned typewriting. But I was and is using a desktop PC. I type my ISC posts on desktop PC using just two fingers -the index fingers or pointer fingers. Somehow I did not put ay effort to learn the formal typewriting and am content(or adjusting somehow) with one-finger typing.

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    When I started using computers without the typing knowledge, I used to type one letter with one finger and searching would be hectic. This happened from the year 2006 when I purchased the desk top. When I joined this site, the typing speed was very bad and slow. Now I am typing this box by not seeing the letters at all and the speed is awesome. I can type at the 40 words per minute flawlessly. As said by author we have become a good typist along with a great writer of content. As the speed increases, the idea flows, the content is made within minutes and uploaded into the site.
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    Venkiteswaran Sir,

    I agree with you regarding the important qualities of a writer that you have mentioned in your response, and yes I also believe that we should always try to learn or bring more quality to our writing or any other work.

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    Typewriters vanished and desktops and laptops are surfaced. But the necessity of typing letters has not gone. I never learned to type separately. During my service, I was working on desktops for a few years and later switched over to laptops. So I was practising typing during my work. So I can do the typing past. But I use only two fingers of my left hand and two fingers of my right hand. When we do the same work repeatedly automatically the speed will improve. So as mentioned by you as we are typing daily for 3 to 4 hours our typing speed will increase.
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