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    Will the days of home education, Governess or home tutor comeback modified

    In earlier days royal and rich families used to give home education to their children. In war time due to this system got wider acceptance. As per need and affordability it was by employing either a governess or a home tutor. Later on, in the last few decades, correspondence course system came into vogue and became In the due to crisis, out of necessity or choice, non-formal academic education was always there and accepted.

    In the current lockdown situation real-time online and digital education is the only one available to students. Both students and teachers and the parents have also well accepted the reality and adjusted to the new norms. Many would have seen the beneficial side of that also. When open schooling is accepted and recognised, the online education becomes a strong practical alternative education in the multi tasking world.

    As overall population has become aware and familiar with digital and online education now,
    I expect that now people will not be very rigid on class room education and the old system of home education with parental or tutor support, will come back and making use of online platforms of education.
    What is your opinion?
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    What the author said may be reality soon. Instead of sending children to school, some rich parents are hiring the same school teacher offering some good tuition fees exclusively to be educated to their children. Though the school fees were whooping and increasing year after year, the parents are ready to pay 10,000 for the exclusive tuitions. And the attention would be for one child. My wife is a teacher at a pre-primary school and she is now approached by the parents of other schools to offer online classes to be attended at their house from 9 am to 12 pm. And the offer of tuition fee is on par with salary. Likewise the sick would be getting the nursing facilities at a price, and many more services can be expected as home service. In future the movement of people would be less and work from home for all would increase.
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    Definitely, there are chances for the change as explained by the author. From the last one and half years, our houses have become, schools, colleges and offices. The pandemic has brought this. Slowly many people are getting accustomed to this type of working and learning.
    Schools and colleges may get reopen. But the majority of parents are not ready to send their children to schools and colleges. Some parents may prefer engaging a teacher for teaching their children. This may be a costly affair but parents who can afford may start this. This will ensure good education to their children and they need not spend their time on the studies of their children. That will save time for the children also as they need not travel to reach the school.
    But it will be a difficult proportion to the parents who belong to middle-class families. They may opt for online study and they may spend some time on their child's education.

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    Yes, there is a possibility in the future, in fact, still, there is some scenario where we can find the same practice and there is no harm to adopt this system. When it concerned about children's health and lives then their security should be on the top and that is why online classes have been adopted by all schools and colleges. Some parents calling home tutor for their children but still it is possible for a few families. We know that there will be a day when schools will be opened but not sure how many parents will allow their children to go to school so the chances of home classes would be increased.

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