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    A small joy in my balcony. Can you caption it?

    A few days back I was walking in the evening and passing by an open area where due to rains,k so many small green plants were coming out of the soil here and there especially near the boundary walls with the parks and residential areas. Though I am not an expert in recognising the small plants whether they are wild one or general flower plants but I just uprooted some of them from their place and brought with me. I put a plastic sheet in an old tray and put some soil in it and planted those plants in that. After a few days though most of them were ordinary one just remaining green with new leaves but one of them started to give flowers about 3-4 of them at a time almost on a daily basis. It was a pleasant surprise for me and I just wanted to share this unexpected result with the members. So, here is the picture of that flower I took and wanted to share. Can you give a caption to it?
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    K Mohan @ Moga
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    I am not able to see the picture of the flower. However, you did good work and made a plant survive. This shows the interest you have in plantation and gardening. Many times it happens, when we bring some saplings and plant them we will see some flowers within a short time. I can understand your joy when your flowers on the plants which you have planted. I hope the remaining plants will also give flowers slowly in the coming days. I know that you will take care of them properly. My caption for your success is "Hard work yields good flowers."
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    There was an upload failure and now I would be uploading the picture.
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    The picture of the tray along with the greenery and flowers.
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    Thanks for sharing those wonderful flowers and good that they are under the caring eyes of the author and getting best attention of nurturing. I am also happy.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Very interesting work has been done by you, many times plants start growing automatically in many such places but by that time they do not have any value, but the way you take care of them by bringing them at home, then by giving sources the same plants grow and gifted you with these beautiful flowers. On this basis, I can sum up this whole situation in the following caption -
    "Even a small right decision can bring a new life."

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    That's really interesting and based on the events described in the thread my caption is "Blossom brings unbounded joy."

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    Hi, I guess the name of this flower is 'Mexican Petunia'. My caption for this is - 'These flowers in bloom are a symbol of beauty.'

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    Beautiful captions given by the members. I wish more members could give their valuable comments.
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    Those flowers are the flowers of a plant that grows on soil roadside. They are used to see on rural roads. Once I picked a similar flowering plant from the roadside and transplanted it in a clay flower pot on the front balcony of the apartment, where we were staying. The flowers bloom in the morning and falling in the afternoon. It lasted for five or six months and produced seven flowers a day in the morning and withered in the afternoon. Later, the plant died away. Although watered regularly, I doubt if the 15th floor was damaged or dried due to the inability to withstand the ultraviolet rays of the sun. [The above mentioned doubt is the answer received from the officials of the Department of Agriculture, When I inquired about the damage of plants at the balcony of our apartment, the chilly plants once planted there, after growing and damaged after a while.]
    My caption is " A Good Morning Flower".

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