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    Why sports persons loosing patience

    In the sports the opposite team is always in a planning mood to defeat the performing team and for that the players must be unitedly put fight to change the game. In cricket we often see that when the batsman is on the rampage and pulls for four and six on every ball bowled, the bowler gets irked and would even chide the fielders for leaving the ball to the boundary. Likewise dropped catches during the tense moment of the match would bring abuse words from the captain. Why the sports persons loosing their patience on the ground?
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    The players put their hearts into the game and play for a win. But if their efforts becoming useless because of the other person's carelessness or inability, the person who is really toiling will get upset. Their unhappiness will be shown on the field then and there itself.
    When a batman is playing shots and getting strong, the bowlers will be on their toes and will be trying all the ways to get him out. When a chance comes, if the fielder fails to utilise that chance, the bowler will naturally get worried and lose patience.
    The same is the case in other games also. When it is an individual game also become upset and they will become tense. Here only the seniors around will come for his rescue. They will console him, advise him and see that they will become normal and try their best in the game.

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    Sports person or any player plays a game to win and when they did not get it then it is quite natural to frustrate to some extend, but it does not allow them to show their anger on others especially their fans. Sometimes I saw many media members knowingly provoke them to behave badly in this kind of scenario one could not blame a player. Some more examples are there when the team who loses the match or game behaves quite normally and congratulates other team members for their efforts. So I think it depends from case to case.

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