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    Like father like son, this proverb proved wrong

    We know that Former President Pranab Mukherjee was the hardcore Congress leader and he was supporting the party till the end of his death. But his son Abhijeet Mukherjee who also a Congress leader in Bengal has now joined the Trinamool Congress. This made the old proverb wrong Like father like son. In politics every individual has his or her own choice to join in any party and in Scindia family also there was a member in BJP and son in Congress. Nevertheless there is no hard and fast rule to pursue what the elders done. Any comments ?
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    The author said rightly, but not only in politics but in today's time, this proverb cannot be proved appropriate in any field because time keeps changing and people change themselves according to time. In the earlier times, another proverb was very famous, know it but the word does not go, and people used to actually do it to fulfill it. Then slowly the time changed and people are ready to compromise with their values ??based on the need and situations, in such a situation, many times people start preferring to take decisions only by looking at their own interests.

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    It is always better if the wife is one party, the husband is another party, the son in one party and the daughter is another party. So whatever party is in rule their family will have a representation. Actually, in AP the son in law of NTR and husband of Puranderesawri is in YSR Congress and his wife that is Purandereswari is in BJP. There may be many examples like this. So like father like sun proverb may not be applicable in these days. Generally, a well-known doctor's son will become a doctor so that he can work under his father and all families who got treatment from his father will come to the son. Similarly, a popular lawyer's son will also become a lawyer.
    These days there are no ethics and values for politicians. Their only aim is to be in power. For that, they never hesitate to go to any level and do anything.
    In modern days many younger people may not be opting for the line which was pursued by their father as they might have seen the difficulties experienced by their father when he was in that profession. They are choosing a separate path only.

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    I never heard the proverb " Like father like son". It is a strange proverb to me. Of course the proven Tamil proverb is - Thayai pola pillai, noolai pola Selai ( Like mother like daughter, like thread like saree). It is not applicable to politicians. In a family, we might find the father in BJP, mother in Congress . The family would be a balanced family and would enjoy their life whether BJP rules or Congress rules.
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    Is it really so? The expression is used if it is observed that the son has many characteristic similarities with the father. Otherwise, the expression is not used and it cannot be taken as a rule. I agree that Mr Pranab Mukherjee was a great leader of the Congress Party and at the same time when there was a tussle with him inside the party, he formed a new outfit called Rashtriya Samajwadi Congress. Though he merged that outfit later on with the Congress there is nothing new that a Congressman is joining the TMC. The TMC was formed by a few dissidents of the Congress party and after its formation, many leaders from the Congress party joined TMC. The present situation of the Indian National Congress is known to everybody and because of this situation, many hardcore supporters are looking for an alternative by joining other parties. If they oppose BJP they are joining parties that oppose BJP and if not then they are joining BJP. Politics is all about power, popularity and staying relevant and all the politicians are busy in it.

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    There is nothing wrong if late Pranab Mukharji's son has joined TMC. It happens in politics and also it is better for a family to keep in touch with other political parties also. Father is in one party and son joins another party and it is not surprising at all. These political leaders want to remain in power. They can do anything to get power. Many congress leaders have joined bjp because bjp is in power but once bjp is out of power , many of leaders will join ruling party.
    We should not expect morality from political leaders. Almost all political leaders are riding on the same boat.

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