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    Can we be able to realize the cries of others and redress without delay?

    The real disability is the blindness of one with sight and the deafness of one with hearing. If someone heard the cries, no one's helplessness would have lasted much longer. Many lives were lost, not because of the severity of the impending disaster, but because of the indifference with which no one looked back despite the cries with raised hands. Those who have at least one time experienced the frustration of not being heard will only walk with caution to listen for any cries of someone amid the heavy noises too.

    Some respond to cries with anxiety and some respond with a sense of need. Those who behave with anxiety see only anxious thoughts for all cries. Their anxious thinking will be 'is the cry true? Or is he would be deceived? Or is he in some danger?' And so on. Their helping hand would rest in their pockets. Those who respond with a sense of needing will not waste time thinking; they have only deeds. When we hear the cries of others, can we be eager to find a solution for it?
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    While what the author was trying to say and imply was well understood, we are at sometimes helpless and not prepared to help others even though our inner feeling reach out to them. The cries of help denotes that the person is in pain and agony and we have duty bound to help. Are we bestowed with such kind of trait and ability to help others. For example a old person who cannot help himself and walk few steps cannot thing of helping others even though his heart and mind goes to help instantly but the body does not permit. Like wise the cry may be for the financial help from the genuine and wanted person but we should have enough resources within us to reach out. What is the use of giving suffering to the house members and showing the world that you reach out to others in time of need. So the reach out to be reasonable.
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    In this world there are a few people who have a helping attitude for the suffering humanity. Many people are facing great difficulties and have no way to come out of their miseries of all sorts. Orphans, destitutes, mentally retarded, and there are many more who require a shelter and food in their lives as they are struggling to get these basic amneties. There are some NGOs which are doing exemplery work in helping such people and are getting financial aid from the good people around. So, if the NGO is doing it genuinely it makes sense to contribute there. Another thing is in our own capacity as an individual we can extend help in some form to these needy people. But this requires a larger participation by the people and then only we an achieve good progress.
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    In this world, there are a few persons reaching out to you in case you need the genuine help in the hours of crisis. The reasons might be varied such as it has not reached to your well wishers or they themselves need help due to their physical conditions. It will be all the more paining if there was no more response from despite being these friends healthy. It is all becoming due to insensitive nature of the people that they are not moved at all. In fact, we have seen the deterioration of the behaviour of mankind where they have lost the sensibilities to come forward to help their known friends.

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    It is impossible for anybody to realize others cries around and redress them without delay. In this present world to look after within in the family members of a family is a big task. If you have the good will and capability to help, you can reach out the needy and can read dress others. Doing help to others for advertisement purpose not at all needed.

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    Helping a crying person is a great deed which is expected from every fellow human being because if he has germs of human feelings he can not inhibit himself from helping a crying person but we see a few people listen to agony of others, it proves that they are not human beings despite having been born as humans. They are worse than animals.

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    People who want to help may not be sound financially. People who are financially sound may not think of helping. The ultimate result is the same. The suffered will not get any help from any quarter. This is the order of the day.
    When we want to help somebody we can help directly to the needy. But how many people we can help?
    As an individual, we may not be able to realise the problems of the other person and we may not be able to address them immediately without any delay. In such a case, we can donate to an NGO which is working in that direction. But many NGOs are not genuine and funds may be getting misused. To avoid such problems we have to find out a genuine NGO and donate to them so that the needy will get the required help.
    It is always better to help the needy when he is in real need. Not helping him in time is as good as not helping. If we want to help we should come forward immediately and help the required.

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    If one is worthy of finding a solution to a problem, he must help an unhappy person and give a solution to his problems or sorrows. But sometimes some people can't solve your problem because we keep on creating some problems ourselves and in this way, if we ourselves become the knower of problems, then only we will have the solution of those problems. By listening to the sorrows of a sad or troubled person, you can also become helpful for him, it is said that by telling your mind to someone, the mind becomes light and when the mind is light, calm solutions start coming on their own. So if you are listening to someone's cry and are not able to do anything, then even by giving consolation you will also help him but your intention should be honesty not pretend.

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