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    Every coin has three sides, do you agree

    All of us may be aware about a popular saying phrase two sides of the same coin. The equivalent or simple translations will be there in almost all languages. By hearing this and by seeing a coin ourselves, we believe that a coin has two sides. In school we knew only about two dimensions like, length and breadth, X-axis and Y-axis. But our thoughts started changing after learning about a third dimension of volume, which involves the height or depth; upper space etc. My thoughts were also provoked by the Hindu belief of 'Trinetra' of Lord Shiva. Then graduating to higher learning I came to read about the third state of matter or Plasma. Not just matter, but mind also was having three planes. So I was convinced that there should be third dimension to everything in this Universe. So I reasoned to myself that the two side of the coins viz. Head and Tail, cannot stay without a body. 'If we closely observe and analyse, we can see that the two sides of a coin are joined by a third side. We call it the rim or edge. Closely observing we can see some designs, writings or patterns in the rim also. Sometimes, on a toss or roll, a coin stands on its edge also.
    The telecoms also found that there is 3rd D after voice and text- Data.
    When two people argue or fight, apart from their individual versions and dimensions, there will be a third dimension-neighbours, observers or generally third party. This third party is accepted legally and even insurance is also there in the name of third party. Though earlier, there were only two diagonally opposite political 'ism's-Capitalism and Communism- in our country uniquely we adopted the third one joining these two sides- Socialism. Now I hear that there is a book with the title 'Third side of a coin" authored by Jayanta Banerjee.
    The management teachers, psychology teachers, Physicists, Chemists, Spiritualists, Philosophises, –everyone agree that there are three states, three dimensions. Now only the numismatists only may be left to be convinced of that.
    By now, I am sure you all agree that every too coin has three sides!
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    In principle we have been taught that every coin has the two sides and that is described as heads and tails. But when the coin stands on its own that is the third side.Probably that is rare happening but those who are close observers in their life has the knack to find the third side of he coin which is round and all over. In fact the third side of the coin can spin the coin for a while and that could even puzzle us as to which side the coin would fell whether the heads or tail. This coin sides can also be compared to the human being behavior according to my thoughts. The heads are the positive thinking, the tails are the negative thinking and the side of the coin is the middle path of life or the inner feeling of life which connects us to the spiritual world and sometime we feel we have hand enough innings in the life and the time to go away.
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    The author has raised an important thread where he is referring to state of a coin bearing three sides. We normally talk of head or tail of the coin but the third state can be seen when the coin stands vertical. This is the crucial stage for speculator waiting for moment in which way it would fall - head or otherwise. Sometimes, it would take enormous time to fall making the speculator perplexed thinking of the outcome.
    The state of the coin having three sides can be compared with human life head being the positive side, tail being the negative side and remaining vertical of the coin is the state of confusion of a man, where he finds it difficult which way would be better for him as his next step.

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    The author has presented the third dimension in a simple and lucid way. Actually everything is defined basically by the three dimensions and whatever projection of it we see on a plane surface is the two dimensional presentation. When the three coordinates x, y, and z of a body are defined in space with respect to a fixed point of reference then only we can visualise its real size and shape. A coin of increasing thickness eventually turns into a cylinder which is a conspicuous three dimensional figure. We can also visualise that by making a verticle stack of coins of same size. It is also interesting to note that as things change their place with time and even change in their shape and size could be observed by different observers in the universe, there was a need of adding another dimension called time to the existing three dimensions to understand the universe around us in a more precise way. Today we have a 4D visualisation.
    Knowledge is power.

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    It's quite interesting to find the third side of the coins. Since the coins can stand on this third side we cannot deny their existence. After reading this I wish to add another 'ism' in terms of politics which we are very much worried about and that is Localism. I think we take the two dimensions for ease of calculation and also because we visualise the two dimensions in most of the cases. The more we progress we become aware of the other dimension.

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    That is true. There is a third side also to the coin. That can be the thickness of the coin which will have an important role in deciding the volume of the coin. A round going area can be calculated using only radius or diameter. But if we want to calculate the volume of the coin this dimension is also required.
    In Hindu mythology number three has significance. Tri Murtulu ie Brahma, Vishnu, Maheswara. Similarly three main Goddesses Saraswathi, Lakshmi and Parvathi. There are three states for matter, liquid, solid and gas. When there are two parties that meet and discuss each party will come out with their own points. which they vent out.
    Initially, we were watching only 2D films only. But now we are witnessing some 3D movies also. For every issue always there will be a third dimension that is not visible easily.

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    I really appreciate Venkiteswarans 'three sides of a coin", I would also disagree as the two sides of the coins are valid to recognise the value of the coin and the other side to know about the country of the origin with Ashoka pillar etc. The third side is for the blind to identify the coin as they cannot see the other two sides of the coin.
    Anyway, I really appreciate the author's thoughts about the third side of the coin. We can call it as the blind side of the coin.

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    @ SuN # 736149, I agree with you that blind people identify coins by running their fingers over the rim edge of the coins and also a general feeling of the two sides. Earlier coins used to have different shapes round, square, wavy,hexagonal etc. Later when all the coins were made in round shape, these people would have found it very difficult to identify coins of different denominations. There are different size coins in the same denomination now. Even educated good vision people also get fooled by the size. In this case if there is an identifiable difference in the thickness or pattern in the edges then it will be of great help.

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    You are absolutely right. We find it difficult to recognize the small coins one, two, and five rupees. Thank God 50 paise and 25 paise have gone off. Earlier coins were easily identifiable. One paise, two paise, five paise, ten paise and twenty paise were easy . Earlier, we had 1/4 ana, (with a hole in the centre) 1/2 ana with a square cut corners rounded. One ana,4 ana and eight ana in small and big round shape.
    I think, the people working in the mint doesn't think about the complications of the coins. They should change the shape as round, square, triangle and with a hole. It is better to go back to the old coin system for betterment.

    No life without Sun

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