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    Does the nature became lazy, as monsoon moves slowly

    We are into the second week of July and by this time cupious rains should have lashed from Kerala to North India of many states. But this year,the monsoon seems to be very lazy and moving slow. Just for few days the showers were witnessed in the evening hours and as usual the temparature is very hot in the afternoon. Most of the farmers were gone for seeding expecting the monsoon in time and this slowdown would affect the farming process very much. What is your comment on the slow progress of monsoon.
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    In the poem "Barshamangal" Rabindranath wrote "He comes in that very Bhairab joy with madol, in the dense glory Khiti Saurav Ravose, Ghano gourabe nabojoubana barasa, shyam gambhira sarosha". He basically seen the inner-beauty of the rain related with the nature creation.
    The rainy season comes to its nature rule by playing the madal, filling the earth with its endless stream. Nature breathes life and the season disappears again. How much do we hold his contribution? suppose in a year there is no rain, what will happens ,can we imagine? We often talking regarding less or heavy rain. Yes the heavy rain destroyed many assets in every year in our country and in the other side less rain or no rain affect on the livelihood of many people. In west Bengal it has come with cyclone Yaas and continue as usual. But we always wait for the rainy season to come.

    Believe in the existence of God the super power.

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    Monsoon has been very unpredictable since in some regions like Jharkhand, Bihar and Bengal, we are witnessing heavy showers in the different pockets but in some areas, it has disappointed the people due to the dry weather and this has resulted in the required moisturisation need to the soil. Farmers remain the tensed state every year thinking that they would miss the normal rain. This trend has become like a lottery but the unfortunate part is they suffer heavy losses due to wastage of seeds for which loan was procured from the bank. They need to repay the loan and it becomes their headaches due to poor monsoons.

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    That is true. generally, we will witness some rains by July 1st. But this year still is very hot and temperatures are still high only. As per Telugu Calendar, we are Gesta Masa and Greeshma Rutuvu ( Summer only). From Ashada only the rainy season starts. Another 4 days are left for Ashada and then the rainy season starts. Let us wait for another 4 days and see whether the rains will start.
    These days no season is coming as per schedule. We witness summer for more than 6 months a year. Rains are less during the season and more afterwards. No winter these days. We are not feeling cold even for a month in Hyderabad. We will be using ACs for more than six months a year.
    I think in the coming years we will see a further increase in temperatures. To restore normalcy we have to protect the environment. We should plant more trees and we should not cut trees. Green gases generation is to be reduced to the maximum extent possible. Then we may see the seasons follow their original timings.

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    My thoughts are with farmers who are more dependent on the rain.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Due to climate change, the seasons are changing in a big way, now the summer is not as hot as before and this is also a reason that the level of rain is also not the same as before. The sudden unseasonal rains have a very negative effect on the farmers. I don't have much knowledge about farming but last few days back I came to know from one of my relatives that due to water in their fields due to rain, the harvester could not be entered in the field to harvest the crop and thus they have suffered a lot due to the water-filled in the fields. This horror of the weather is indicating to the human race that we have to come forward to protect the environment.

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