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    If BJP wants to be defeated opposition leader should be proudly secular ?

    In the year 2024, the elections to the Parliament would be held while BJP is sitting pretty with Modi charisma and cult, the opposition is yet to get ready as already groupism within some parties started whom to project as the united opposition leader as the PM candidate. But the need of the hour is the proudly secular candidate the opposition should choose to defeat BJP which is branded as communal by many parties. By the way no opposition leader can claim to be secular because they are siding with one religion or other and that is appeasing politics.
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    The definition of secularism will vary from party to party. Each party wants to get the votes of minorities. So for these political parties encouraging some castes or religions is secularism. For some parties treating all religions is secularism. But no party will understand the need of protecting the poor and showing them a way to earn as their need. But it is also known that in our country caste cards will play an important role in elections. That is why all parties will concentrate on caste and try to win the election. So we need not expect anybody to think about the poor and their needs.
    All the parties want their party to be in the limelight and their president wants to become PM. So there will be many people who want to become the Prime Minister. So it will become very difficult for them to come to a common understanding. So even though they win, the government formed may not be stable for long and we can expect elections again. Either Congress has to win or BJP has to win to have a stable government in the centre.

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    Can you pinpoint and tell the name of a leader who thinks about secular India and secularism. All leaders belongs to a particular caste or religion and would support their religion and caste. We can not straighten a dogs tail. We are Indians, and we had(had) few leaders who were secular are no more now. Let us not dream.
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    How you call BJP as secular party? BJP don't give even tickets to Muslims in State or Central elections. It give major preference to Hindu candidates. Because other parties are supporting minorities and BJP is saying they are supporting Hindus. Congress and other parties are supporting minorities as minorities should not feel as they are separated from mainstream of India. BJP what they are telling to Congress is doing the same appeasement of Hindus. The intelligentsia batch of India is considering this as true secularism.

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    I am dead against Modi's Hindutva and other parties alliance with miniority groups. It is to seek votes to win the elections. In a country filled with Hindus, Hinduism or Hindutva has the upper hand. Even if you put all miniority groups together, they cannot over number the Hindus of India. Of course, in certain parts of country Hinduism won't work. Most Hindus love all the other religions. Whereas, other religions hate Hindus and their Hinduism. This is the fate of India.
    As of now, BJP still holds good and will continue to hold good to win election 2024. Lotus will bloom again. I am dead sure.

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    There is not any need to wrack your brain how opposition parties will be united. If people don't vote for bjp in 2024 then all opposition parties will make their way to find an amicable solution to form a government.
    Secularism is losing its importance. Gradually, we are adjusting ourselves in the present social and political scenario.

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    BJP never called as secular but other parties says so and they need to prove.
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    The author has given the right advice, if the BJP is hoping to lose in the future elections, it needs a proper strategy. A large section of the BJP and Mr. Modi is standing ready in the country and the defeat of that party cannot be considered that easy. The only way is the right strategy and planning.

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