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    Is it right or wrong to sleep during the day?

    A list of various answers is available on the Internet, sometimes videos are also found on YouTube regarding this, that a person should sleep only at night or he/she should take a nap during the day too. Some people believe that by taking sleep during the day, you attract more laziness, but some people think that it is a good habit to take a nap for some time after the day's meal. I saw a video on YouTube, in which it was told that day nap increases your efficiency, but this nap should be of short duration. So what is your experience and advice about this, whether we can increase the efficiency by balancing the daytime nap or sleep?
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    Our elders used to say that day time is dedicated to work and finish the pending works and not to sleep. Only the households after finishing their morning chores has the right to take rest for few hours. And the working people should not sleep during the day because the same habit would continue even in the other days of the week. If the overnight sleep is sound without any distractions or disturbance and minimum 6 hours of sound sleep is enough not have any disturbance during the day. By sleeping in the day time you will not only gain the weight, and also tend to become lazy. Even on Sundays one should not sleep during the day because the same practice want to be continued during the other days of the week. So what the elders said is right, not to sleep during the day and go for early to bed and try early to rise after sound sleep.
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    It all depends on the habit of the individual. Generally, a working person will not have the habit of sleeping during day time. But some employees who come home for lunch may have a nap for a few minutes, Housewives who will start their work early in the morning and work continuously for about 4 to 5 hours without rest may like to have a sleep for an hour or so in the afternoon after having their lunch. That will give them the required energy to complete their evening and night works in the house. But one should have at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep per day so that they will have good health and they can do their work actively.
    I never had the habit of sleeping during day time. Initially, schooling and after that employment has not given the luxury of having a nap in the afternoon after lunch. So I will not feel like sleeping in the daytime. But my wife will go for at least an hour sleep. She gets up one hour before in the morning. So both of us will have the same hours of sleep.

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    Normally nights are for sleeping while day time is for working. But it might differ from person to person and habits formed during the early years. Some people can manage with little sleep while some require more and feel lethargic if they do not get it in sufficient amount. Some people also take a nap in the day for keeping themselves fresh. There is no hard and fast rule about this and it also depends on ones duty hours and type of job.
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    "Unda Mayakkam Thondarukkum Undu" A Tamil Proverb. Even a devotee of a deity would like to rest after a meal. So, it is not new to all human being to fall asleep after the lunch which is generally heavy among the three meals. It would be nice to take a nap after the lunch to get freshened for the afternoon work. I like it and I do it for about 30 minutes after a good lunch.

    Also, if a person is working in shifts, nothing stops him from sleeping during the day. It is his right to sleep during the day after a night long work, or before proceeding for a night long duty.

    Further, lazy people who doesn't have anything to do would sleep during the day. Who can stop them?

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    It cannot be said whether it is right or wrong and it depends on the individual. For example, a person goes out for work in the morning and her/his office is 10 Km away. I am sure the person will not have any time to sleep in the office excepting a lunch break. So it all depends on your situation. I have also seen factory workers of a renowned government organization taking a nap for at least 15 minutes after lunch where the lunch break is near about an hour. Eating, sleeping, etc are habits of individuals though I must say we should be disciplined about those things.

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    Having lunch one should have a nap or at least should lie for a few minutes. It is my routine. If I am not working then I would like to sleep after lunch.
    I have observed a young man whose habit was to sleep for two to three hours after lunch his weight unexpectedly increased and he became a big fat man. His friends would also think that it was due to long sleep during day

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