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    The function of the doors is not only to enter but also to go out.

    There is a very obvious dilemma that we can control the things that are outside us maybe because we are able to see them, or we are able to touch them. But we cannot control our inner feelings, our thoughts, our minds. If only seeing or not seeing made this difference, then how can we control the mind of others, because we have seen this happening when people have the power to control others' emotions. Thoughts of the mind give us more trouble when we want to stop entering them, that's why the better way is to keep using the door of the mind in both ways, if the thoughts are coming in, let them come, but don't let them stay for a long time, rather quickly show the way out and send negative thoughts out through the same door from where those thoughts are coming. Keep in mind that a thought is just a thought right now, but if you cherish it consistently, it will not take long for them to become a reality.
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    Nice thread from the author as the door normally depicts as the entrance but we also use it for the exit but we never think of that. All the inauguration takes place at the entrance of the door and that depicts new beginning, but at the same time all those who came inside has to go through the same door as exit. We have to give entry to good thoughts in our life and leave those bad thoughts as we get out of the door. And as long as you are cared and respected, you stay inside the door, otherwise you are asked to get out. So the character of the person decides whether to stay inside or get out .
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    The function of a door is to have a way to go out of the house or come into the house. We will have generally two doors and both can be used for going out and coming in. Similarly we will get new ideas and we may forget old happenings. That means our mind will be pushing out some thoughts and inviting some new thoughts. If we allow every thought to stay in our mind and not forgetting them, our brain will get strained more and we will become more anxious. That is never good for the mind. So it is better to forget some unnecessary ideas and keep only ideas that are good and required for us. But the mind is not in our control. It will behave peculiarly sometimes. When we want to remember an issue, we can't recollect it. But unwanted issues will keep coming again and again into our minds. That is the speciality of the human brain.
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    The author is wrong. The function of the door is to keep the house or office for safety and security, not only for entry or exit. We can use the term it as 'Point of Entry and Exit' or Entry and Exit point. Not Entry door or Exit door.
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    Yes, as long as you have the keys. If the keys to the door are not with you then you have to depend on the instructions of the person having the keys. It is not possible to control anything outside us and the problem starts when we become busy thinking of controlling others. It may not be possible all the time to stop some thoughts to enter our minds but those thoughts should not block the door for other thoughts to come in. If it happens then the mind will be busy with that single thought and you can understand what may happen if that thought is undesirable. The doors of the mind should open and close simultaneously to maintain balance.

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    I think we should not think about controlling others and their feelings. Generally, we can't control others thoughts and minds but some people who are experts in the sleight of hands can control others' minds easily and even well-educated people are be fooled by them.
    The second point the author has mentioned is about controlling our thoughts and feelings, I think we can control them provided that we have to willpower to control them, however, bad thoughts or negative thoughts start disturbing in this case, I agree with the author that let these disturbing thoughts come and go. They should not be permitted to stay in our mind for long.

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    Human mind is curious and inquisitive. It goes on acquiring and learning relentlessly. During that process many negative things also come in its possession kowingly or unknowingly. Then comes the time of segregation where using ones experience, prudence, and maturity one has to adopt or discard those elements based on their relative merit. It is said that virtue is its own reward and it makes sense to keep good things with us and discard the garbage or evil elements. We are the masters of doing that and if there is a strong will and desire it can be achieved. Vices can be ousted from the same entrance from where they entered in our lives.
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