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    Did you face any time a do or die situation?

    Many of us see our elders and follow them and do things as they do. In this case, our elders will help us with their experiences when we face difficulties. The people will have sympathy for us even if we fail.

    But some people think differently. They create their life on their own. Such people may face many difficult situations and they will be in do or die situation. They make their own choices and they go all out to come out successfully. People will start making fun of them if they fail in their attempts. They say that these people did a mistake by selecting their own path.

    After my B.Sc, all my relatives including my father advised me to go for B.Ed so that I can get a teaching post and stay near to our native place. But I opted for M.Sc. Many people told me that I was doing a mistake. So to complete M.Sc successfully has become a do or die situation for me.

    I faced such situations many times in my life. Did you face any time a do or die situation?
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    Mr. Rao,
    Your explanation regarding your education whether to do B.Ed or M.Sc is not related to do or die situation. One can survive whether he/she chooses B.Ed or MSc, and won't die. Both the degrees can fetch you a job. Talk about a different do or die situation where the life would be in danger.

    When I was fit for marriage, I loved a beautiful girl. She was my close relative, but poor. She was only a SSLC passed. My parents never wanted me to marry her. They selected a girl from a rich family. She was BSC failed. She was not as beautiful as my lover girl. Now I was in a dilemma whether to go for the poor girl or the rich girl. Whether to decide on my own or go by my parents selection. It was a do or die situation and dropped the idea of marriage.

    Finally, After 5 years, when my lover girl got married, I married a different girl

    No life without Sun

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    Getting a job is not the question, if I fail in my PG all the people who advised me to go for B Ed will start making fun of me. We told him to go for BEd but he never cared and how he paid the penalty will be their comments. They say this to as many people as possible and that will keep me in an embarrassing situation. That is why I considered that situation as do or die situation.
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    Yes, most of us have faced this situation because it is a common situation and it will always arise at that time when you will go against others and take any decision. It is true that after such decisions, you have to make every effort so that you should be positive about your decision, because when everyone is against you, then perhaps you may also have the idea that maybe I made a mistake and so on. By keeping the thoughts away from himself, he proved his decision right. But there can also be another situation that if our decision really goes wrong, then it is wise that we should not back down from admitting our mistake.

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    Some times our decisions go against our wish and end up as thud. For some the changed decisions would make their career. For example my daughter was to study the micro biology and even got the free admisison after her tenth. But Chaitanya college people made rounds to my house and prevailed upon her to take Bipc and pursue doctor course to which she got attracted. I had to cancel the free seat and pay for Bipc at Chaitaya college. Though I felt bad on loosing a free seat today I feel happy that she not only performed and excelled in Intermediate by getting laurel to the college, she also got MBBS seat and now she is leading performer even at ESIC medical college. So I must thank the Chaitanya college teacher who frequented with visits and convinced my daughter to go for medicine and she done it.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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