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    Some habits are to uproot.

    It is more difficult to avoid a bad habit than it is to cultivate a good one. Many styles and natures started without self-knowledge or consent. Only after rooting such nature realizes that they have reached depths and are not easy to uproot. All guests who arrive uninvited are can not immediately be denied. But we can make them not permanent residents. If you realize that a habit is dangerous, you should say goodbye to it, no matter how old and dear it is. Denying the longevity of many is due to the beginning, continue and never end of many acts that destroy life.

    Unintentional actions may occur when the reins of one's reactions left the hands of others. No one cannot stand with their own. If there is a person to rely on, no one goes into the laboratories of their ability. There should be independent evaluations and self-determination. The intent of the commands received should be checked to make sure they are correct and followed. Some see commands as a pastime if there are people to obey. The first thing you need to do to lead a responsible life is to own your thoughts and actions.
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    Similarly, it is said that constructive activity is always more difficult than destructive activity. I agree that bad habits house in us easily instead of good habits and it is entirely due to our weakness in fighting against bad habits. If we are confident then a bad habit can never enter our lives. Most of us negligent about bad habits however many of us are not weak but gradually we become so much feeble that we can't uproot deep-rooted bad habits. So, nipping in the bud isn't the best option to crush such bad habits and activities. Also, I had a bad habit of smoking but gradually I left it utterly.

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    Bad habits has no place to practice and pursue and they need to be uprooted for the good habits to take center stage. Bad habits are not born with the person but they are induced and made to practice during the course of life and unmindful of its ill effects people try to continue with the same until they are prevailed up on to uproot the same. In this regard the parents are first teacher for any person as they give the best lesson to the child as to how to live about honesty with good habits by making good friends in the process of life . Choosing a good friend matters the most as the friends are most influential in changing the person. In fact self probing on daily basis as to what went wrong during the end of the day would certainly have the control over bad habits and that can be uprooted at the beginning stage itself.
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    Bad habits cannot be uprooted so easily if we lack the determination to give it up. We can see how a man can torture his entire family under the influence of liquor. Even the man habituated with alcoholism would like to change his habit because of prevalence of unrest in his family. Both the couples cannot afford the basic needs of the children apart from having massive loan taken from the different sources. Their children remain disturbed due to their family affair causing dislocation in their studies. The solution lies with the consultation of the psychiatrist who would help in curbing his bad habits through the series of the discussion. His family members and friends should be supportive of his wish. If there is a firm will, no one can stop him for relinquishing the bad habits.

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    I agree with the author, most of the time it happens that we may not get into the beginning of a habit, but after some time the good and bad parameters associated with the habit are known, and only when we realize that we can separate the bad habits from ourselves. There should be no hesitation in doing it. The word hesitation is used because some people even after recognizing their bad habits do not want to remove them because by doing so their ego stops them. Such people are not prepared that they have someone and try to prove their habits right, and by doing so they just spoiling their own life. The sooner we put an end to bad habits, the less their roots will spread in our minds, and the sooner we will get rid of such habits. Nothing is difficult, you just need to decide.

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    Getting into bad habits is very easy. But it is very difficult to overcome them. Getting good habits is very difficult. But getting out of them is very easy. When a boy sees a person who is smoking stylishly will get attracted to it. He will also start practising the same and try to do it as stylishly as possible.
    At the same time when he sees a person who is waking up early and having a walk, he never tries to follow him. He thinks that getting up early is difficult for him and he simply forgets about the other person. This is very common at a young age.
    It is always better to think about ourselves and decide what we should do and what we should not do. When we get involved in observing others and trying to follow them, we will forget our abilities and strong point and simply we will become observers.

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    Identification of bad habits dwelling inside us is easy to make but their remission is a matter of great challenge and involves a long exercise. Why I am telling this because we have acquired them over a long time and they have become a part and parcel of our personality and we simply do or follow them most of the times as a habit and not as an effort. There are many mentors who claim that they can guide an individual for uprooting the bad habits inside him but I am not very sure of that claim as I have seen that bad habits die hard especially when they were picked up much earlier in life.
    Knowledge is power.

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